“A lot has changed in Italy since then”

“A lot has changed in Italy since then”
“A lot has changed in Italy since then”

Franca Bizzarri Rampi, Alfredino Rampi’s mother, spoke about prevention in Italy entrusting her thoughts to Daniele Biondo, psychoanalyst, of the board of the “Centro Alfredo Rampi”, founded a few weeks after the Vermicino tragedy. While there is still a lot of work to be done on the prevention side, many steps forward have been made on the rescue side according to Biondo: «in Italy after 40 years unfortunately a lot has changed and at the same time thanks to Vermicino. Everything that was missing at the time and that unfortunately, perhaps, also generated the failure of Alfredino’s rescue has improved ».

The story of Alfredino Rampi

In June 1981 the Rampi family was on vacation in their second home, in via di Vermicino, in Frascati. On the evening of Wednesday 10 June, Ferdinando Rampi, two of his friends and his 6-year-old son Alfredino were out in the countryside when Alfredino asked his father to go home alone, across the meadows but never came home. From there the research began and it was the grandmother who hypothesized what had really happened: the child had fallen into a well in the countryside. Unfortunately, Alfredino did not come out of that well alive and his body was recovered a month later. The owner of the land, Amedeo Pisegna was then arrested on charges of manslaughter and with the aggravating circumstance of the violation of the accident prevention regulations.

Pertini’s promise to Franca Rampi

At the time of the incident, the President of the Republic, Sandro Pertini, told Franca Rampi that he would create a ministry for her: that of Civil Protection. Franca Rampi together with other activists then fought for a law on the national system of Civil Protection in ’92. A work that has grown in parallel with the Alfredo Rampi Center which in the last forty years has promoted the culture of safety in all its forms. More than 60 thousand children and young people who participated in the project were involved.

Centro Alfredo Rampi during the lockdown

Even during the Covid pandemic, the Alfredo Rampi Center was at the forefront, explained the psychoanalyst Biondo: “Twenty years ago we founded emergency psychology in Italy” and today the Alfredo Rampi Center is one of the four national associations of psychologists which a year ago responded to citizens in difficulty. Biondo reveals that 50,000 phone calls arrived during the lockdown “from people who have suffered the blow of the pandemic.


“Farther beyond surrender”: the event for the 40th anniversary of Alfredino’s death

Since the day of Alfredino Rampi’s death, many initiatives have been carried out and to commemorate the centennial anniversary of the Center on Sunday the event “Farther on: Beyond the surrender” will take place at the Auditorium della Conciliazione, which will also be attended by Alfredino’s parents. The appointment, which will be held on 10 June, will last all day and will borrow the words of Eugenio Montale in the poem “Maestrale” in which the calm and recovery after a storm is described, an invitation to look to the future and therefore “further”.

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