the big names of TV against the “Saxa Rubra Padana”. And the Eurovision case appears

the big names of TV against the “Saxa Rubra Padana”. And the Eurovision case appears
the big names of TV against the “Saxa Rubra Padana”. And the Eurovision case appears

«Who thinks to move Viale Mazzini a Milano he must have had something to drink. ‘ Word of Maurizio Costanzo. The controversy does not seem to subside after the outgoing board of directors of Rai, in what was in fact the last operational meeting, unanimously approved the feasibility study for a mega-television production center in Milan. A -Red rocks Lombard, as it was immediately renamed, which however makes you turn up your nose. For some, in fact, the latest act of the Board chaired by Marcello Foa (in League share) was little more than a propaganda move.

Rai in Milan, no by Zingaretti: “The audiovisual is rooted in this territory”

For example, Michele Anzaldi, deputy of Italia Viva and secretary of the Rai Supervisory Commission is convinced of this: “Beyond the institutional grace that would provide not to limit decisions in the last days of activity, the whole affair seems little more than an electoral mirror for the larks set up by the League to be able to tell that it brings everything to the North. “. A “neo-Milan-centric” vision which however “serves no purpose”, quite the contrary. According to Anzaldi, it also proved to be “deleterious”.

THE MOVE – The allusion is to the relocation of the sports editorial staff of the public broadcaster which “is in Rome for the whole week, while at the weekend it becomes Milan centric, causing travel expenses to rise considerably”. However, it is not only politics that is indignant (yesterday the governor of Lazio Nicola Zingaretti took a stand on the Messaggero, defending the primacy of Rome as the capital of the Italian audiovisual sector), but also the world of entertainment. “I have the same perplexities as Il Messaggero and I agree with the line of the newspaper” in fact remarked Maurizio Costanzo. «Let’s not joke – continues the historical conductor – It is more likely that in 2025 the Martians will arrive on Earth and start making television, that Rai will open a production center in Milan. I don’t think it’s a possible operation and I don’t really understand how it could have happened. It would be an incalculable damage to image, not only for the company but for all of Rome ». Beside the journalist also Angelo Guglielmi, former director of Rai 3. “It seems to me an unworthy idea” he attacks without mincing words. While admitting that «I myself, when I was director of Rai Tre, had asked for the network to be transferred to Milan, but then the balance between the cities was different. Today Milan has weakened, everything is done in Rome: the design of the programs and the creativity are Roman ”. For Guglielmi, moreover, now «Rai is a company that has lost its balance, which does not spend its money well and rather wastes it. Someone is needed to restore it to health, and the Milan proposal seems to me to be not very focused ».

THE EVENT – Yet this would not be the only clue that the state television is leaning towards the northernmost portion of the Peninsula. In fact, in the corridors of Viale Mazzini, it has been rumored for days that even for the organization of the next edition of Eurovision the leaders are directing their gaze exclusively towards the North. After the victory of the Romans Maneskin and waiting to define a certain date, we are in fact starting to think about what the city that will host the event should be and the main suspects are Turin and Milan. Despite the words entrusted by the director of Rai1 Stefano Coletta to Corriere della Sera (“I imagine Rome as the bedrock of this event” but “in the end, in a rigorous way, we will have to choose the television system that can best incorporate the complexity of a show like this one “) and despite the numerous applications already received – from Matera to Rome, to Pesaro and Bologna – the first contacts between the public company and the Turin Olympic Stadium have already taken place.

Not only that, in the event that this does not go through, there would also have been some first approaches with the Assago Forum in Milan. Nothing decided, but once again timing and methods seem to leave some doubts. Also because according to the strict protocol established by the European Broadcasting Union (among others a closed arena with at least 10 thousand seats and 18 meters high, as well as international connections and adequate accommodation capacity), there are at least two other eligible structures: ‘Unipol Arena in Bologna and the PalaLottomatica in Rome.

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