“What is her new family, how did they brainwash her” – Libero Quotidiano

“What is her new family, how did they brainwash her” – Libero Quotidiano
“What is her new family, how did they brainwash her” – Libero Quotidiano

Denise Pipitone she is alive and almost certainly unaware of her past “: to speak is Maria Angioni, the former prosecutor who followed the first stages of the investigation in 2004 after the disappearance of the 4-year-old girl from Mazara Del Vallo. According to her, there would be a privileged path leading to the Roma world: “A month and a half after the disappearance of the child, on October 18, 2004, the little girl was spotted in Milan with some Roma women. A security guard, Felice Grieco, noticed the great similarity and made a video from which you can guess the name: Danas. The man spoke to her asking if she was hungry and the girl replied ‘I want pizza’ with an unmistakable Sicilian cadence. I sent the video to the Ris for the comparison of somatic features “.

The compatible traits turned out to be 7: the shape of the eyebrows, the eyes, the round shape of the face, the chubby cheeks, the nose, the chin and the lips. So according to the Ris there was a high probability that Denise and Danas were the same person. “I believe that the child has been placed in a new family context to which she is convinced she has always belonged because she has no memory of her previous life – explained the former prosecutor a The New Sardinia -. And he is unaware that his real mother has never stopped looking for her: in order for them to hug again, someone must take us to Denise. It is the famous ring, the missing piece to close the circle “.

Furthermore, according to Angioni, there would have been many misdirections in the investigation of Denise. In particular, the police allegedly erected a protective wall against Anna Corona’s family, the ex-wife of little Pipitone’s natural father. She and her daughter Jessica Pulizzi were the prime suspects 17 years ago. Furthermore, Angioni explained that a pact would be signed between two groups of people “within the large extended Corona-Pulizzi family. The group of ‘bad guys’ who hated Denise’s mother and wanted to make her pay in the worst way, even by killing the child. And the group of ‘good guys’ who avoided the death of the little girl by making her disappear. How? Handing it over to someone, giving the bad guys the guarantee that her mother would never see her again in any case“.

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