Rai, Mayor Sala: “Speechless for the controversy over the Milan office”. And to Zingaretti: “The idea that the affinity with Rome is untouchable is an example of the country’s problems”

“Rai is a company and not something that must be managed for political purposes, it has the duty to give a better service. This idea that there is an elective affinity between Rai and Rome and that this thing cannot be touched. it is one of the examples why our country is unable to progress “.

Rai, the board of directors gives the ok to the new production center in Milan at Portello. Sala: “Signal we were waiting for, now at work”

by Alessia Gallione

May 27, 2021

Thus the mayor of Milan, Beppe Sala, commented on the controversy that arose over the decision of the Rai Board of Directors to upgrade the Milan office with a new production center at Portello. “I am speechless in the face of such attitudes. Everything we are discussing today concerns Milan, because it is the transfer of Mecenate’s studios and the Sempione area to a new area, to a new production center, – added on the sidelines of the celebrations of June 2 in Piazza Duomo – I am truly speechless in the face of this type of attitude, Rai is not a thing in itself. We are all capable of saying that Rai must be better, then when you try to do something to improve things there are those who say, ‘Rai cannot be touched’ “.

To the reporters who asked him if he was amazed by Nicola Zingaretti’s attitude on this issue, Sala replied: “I am amazed by everyone, because in fact it is a defense that has no logic. I am truly in favor of a governance of Rai much more technical and much less political, – he concluded – I find that everything that has been up to now in terms of political intrusiveness is really the time to see it change “.

The vice president of the Lombardy Region and councilor for Welfare Letizia Moratti also intervenes in the controversy: “I do not understand these controversies, the project to strengthen the Rai headquarters in Milan is a project that I had even launched when I was president of Rai, and it is a fair project because Rai needs to have poles in the area “. And he continues: “Rai is national, and just as it has the production center in Turin, which specializes in technological innovation, as well as the production center in Naples, which specializes in scenography, it is right that has a hub in Milan: I hope that we can quickly launch a project that strengthens the Italian radio and television system, in its vocation of being a public system and therefore with the responsibility of also being located throughout the territory “.

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