Tv: Varriale, Madam symbol of new and different Italy – Football

(ANSA) – ROME, 02 JUN – “Danielle Madam is an interesting character, she will give a more modern, more lively and true vision of Europeans, and not only as a woman and athlete. For such an engaging event, which will interest many Italians, many of second generation, I believe it is important that in generalist TV there are also those who represent a new and different Italy “. The deputy director of Rai Sport Enrico Varriale also explains in this way the choice of proposing the athletics champion as a female face in the program ‘Notti Azzurre’, starting on 11 June, the opening day of the continental review.

“When we were looking for a character for the program hosted by Marco Lollobrigida, I remembered this girl of Cameroonian origin: ANSA had told her story, Tg1 and Ninetieth minute had relaunched it on Rai … she showed determination and courage in the days of the Suarez affair – continues Varriale -. She could give us a different angle of view of the European Championship, even as a person who knows competition and football. When we contacted her she was amazed, but then she was convinced and I think it will surprise me. I believe that his freshness and determination can be a new element in a strong team, which already boasts many women.

It seems obvious, but unfortunately, as we see every day, this is not the case “. (ANSA).

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