Sudan, the mission of the Farnesina to bring a Venetian businessman back to Italy in jail unsuccessfully

It ended the mission in Sudan of the general manager for Italians abroad and migration policies, but the Venetian entrepreneur Marco Zennaro, held in Khartoum, does not return home yet. Indeed, the situation seems to have frozen after the general Attorney of the African capital last week had given the green light to release from prison of the forty-six-year-old owner of an electrical transformer company, but immediately afterwards the militias had blocked the Italian when he hoped to be able to get on a plane direct to Italy.

The journey of Luigi Vignali, the man of the Farnesina, sent by the minister Luigi Di Maio, did not end with a positive outcome, as even the governor of Veneto had hinted at, Luca Zaia, who had hinted at possible positive news. The reality was different. Vignali has had meetings and talks to try to unlock the situation, but he couldn’t even get one alternative precautionary measure compared to the one that forces Zennaro to remain in a cell of a police station. He is together with another thirty inmates, in hellish heat and in hygienic conditions inhumane. Vignali visited him and also met his defender and some family members who are in Khartoum.

The Saudi authorities they don’t seem willing to let Zennaro return to Italy before they’ve got it Bank guarantees concerning the sum of 700 thousand euros that a powerful military man claims to advance for alleged irregularities in a supply to the country’s electricity company. Vignali then returned to Rome alone, while apprehension about the fate of our compatriot grows.

Zennaro knows the African situation very well, given that the family business has been operating in that market for 25 years. He had concluded a deal concerning a supply of transformers for over 1 million euros. The broker was Ayman Gallabi, who resold the lot to the company Sedc. Based on the expertise of a competing Chinese firm than the Italian one, the supply was then contested. Behind Gallabi is a heavy financial backer, Abdallah Esa Yousif Ahmed, which is part of the Sudanese militias that seized power in 2019, forcing the president to resign Omar Bashir.

Two months ago Yousif Ahamed sued Zennaro for supply fraud and managed to get her arrested. A first figure of 400 thousand euros, paid by the Italian’s family, to silence the claims. The Sudanese military wants another 700 thousand euros and guarantees for the payment to take place. Meanwhile the broker Gallabi died in a mysterious diving accident occurred in the Nile. A Zennaro was left to throw desperate appeals through the family to be helped by Italy. The revocation of the pre-trial detention, decided by the magistrates last week, had in fact been canceled by the intervention of the militias who had prevented the businessman from returning free.


Sudan mission Farnesina bring Venetian businessman Italy jail unsuccessfully

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