Vaccini Fiera Bologna: closed hub. The Ausl: “Stop expected”. Users: “Never warned”

Vaccini Fiera Bologna: closed hub. The Ausl: “Stop expected”. Users: “Never warned”
Vaccini Fiera Bologna: closed hub. The Ausl: “Stop expected”. Users: “Never warned”

Bologna, 2 June 2021 – From all closed to ‘open day‘. The change of clothes of the vaccination hub at the Fair (video) is a matter of 24 hours. And the goal is really ambitious, the one scheduled for today from 8 to 19, when on the symbolic date of the Republic Day the exhibition hub will host the first ‘open day’ for anti-Covid vaccines in Emilia Romagna (who dated it).

Open day vaccines in Bologna: the rules

This is an event in which 1,200 total doses will be available, all Johnson & Johnson, aimed at citizens over 18 residents in the area of ​​competence of the AUSL of Bologna as long as they do not already have a reservation for the next few days. Therefore, the over 40s who have already applied on the Region website, but have not yet received a date for administration, are also included. To obtain the anti-Covid preparation it will be sufficient to bring your health card with you.

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Closed vaccination hub

A change of pace compared to what occurred yesterday, when theThe vaccination hub at the Fiera remained closed following “a scheduled day off. While the activity of the other 9 corporate hubs, including the Unipol Arena, was regular”, as the Ausl explains. Initially, the Company had hypothesized the suspension of vaccination at the Fair also for the Republic Day, before launching the open day. The closing day that he created, however not a few inconveniences for the dozens of people with reservations for June 1, who showed up at the hub entrance in the morning and found the doors closed to their surprise. “I had a confirmed appointment to get the first dose today (yesterday for readers, ed) at 10 – explains Alessandro Botticelli on the threshold of the Fair -. I received no communication that warned me of the impossibility of vaccinating. And as far as I can see, I’m not the only one “, concludes Botticelli, referring to a dozen people who at the same time found themselves waiting in vain.

Surprise and dissatisfaction also for Gianna Zammarini, who explains: “I am here to make the recall. At first, having been vaccinated with Pfizer, I thought I did not understand a possible postponement of the recall date from 20 to 35 days. , but I just called the Cup point where they confirmed that I should be vaccinated today, without any modification of the appointment. On the phone they told me that this closure is due to the lack of vaccines “.

Hypothesis however denial during the day at Ausl, in fact with the launch of today’s open day in which a total of 1,200 doses will be used, and also in the words of the general manager Paolo Bordon, who already in recent days had confirmed “a regular supply that doesn’t worry us “.

The version of the Ausl

From the checks carried out by the Company, the inconvenience would be due to the fact that “the recall date initially booked 21 or 28 days before was subsequently modified on the basis of regional indications, which since last May 10 provide for an interval, between first and second dose of ‘vector mRna’ vaccine, type Pfizer, of 35 days. The new timing had already been communicated directly at the vaccination site at the time of the first dose “, this is the version of Ausl, according to which therefore everything was planned.

The version of the users

A version that, however, is rejected by users: “I heard about the closure today (yesterday, ed) by a manager of the Fair when I had already arrived on site, certainly not with a communication from the Company – Matteo Vittorio Trapani replies -. He told us about one scheduled closure of two days, but me and the other people who came were not communicated any changes “.

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