The monument to the deportees of Quadraro damaged in Rome

Image taken from the ANPI Rome website

The monument dedicated to the deportees of Quadraro, in Rome, which had just been restored by the Anpi, was again damaged. The inauguration was to take place next Friday. The same association of the Italian partisans, the councilor for culture of the VII municipality and the Association of ex deportees to the Nazi camps (Aned). The invitation for citizens is to participate on June 4 in the initiative program at the XVII Aprile park against “the ignoble vandalism”.

“This is a cowardly act – say the president of the Anpi of Rome Fabrizio De Sanctis, the commissioner Elena De Santis and the president of the Aned of Rome Aldo Pavia – which testifies, if still needed, the total contempt for the history of the Roman people, the attempt to undermine the memory of brutal brutality and the total contempt for human life on the part of the Nazi-Fascists, the total lack of respect due to the hundreds and hundreds of innocents rounded up by Kappler’s Nazis and deported to labor camps from which few returned ”.

The associations ask the police forces to “identify and sanction the perpetrators of such grave cowardice” and promise: “we will restore the symbol of the anti-fascist struggle against tyranny and the ferocity of an impotent enemy against the pride of the people of Quadraro and Rome ”.

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