Covid in Veneto, today’s bulletin, Wednesday 2 June 2021

Covid in Veneto, today’s bulletin, Wednesday 2 June 2021
Covid in Veneto, today’s bulletin, Wednesday 2 June 2021

Covid in Veneto, the bulletin today, Wednesday 2 June 2021. The data compared to the last report of the region, that of last night at 6 pm: there are 119 new infections in Veneto, the highest figure concerns Verona with 35 new positives, followed by Treviso with 28, Padua with 19, Vicenza with 16, Venice with 13, Belluno with 3 and Rovigo with 2. The number of infected since the beginning of the pandemic in Veneto therefore rises to 404,284. The current positives are 7,752, 385 less than yesterday. Two people died in the night due to the virus, the number of victims therefore reaches 11,572.

Data within 24 hours

If you look at the data over the past 24 hours you notice one growth in the trend of infections in Veneto, but at the same time the hospital wards are emptied. There are 175 new cases of Covid-19 in the last 24 hours, up from yesterday. The deaths instead are 3. The current positives in the region are 7,752. In hospitals there are 543 patients in the non-critical area (-34) and 71 (-5) in intensive care.



There were 26,530 doses of the anti-Covid vaccine administered yesterday in Veneto, bringing the total to 2,854,584, equal to 88.5% of the supplies arrived in the region. The figure emerges from the regional daily report. The residents to have received at least one dose are 1,884,884, equal to 38.6% of the population; 944,369 completed the cycle with the recall, equal to 19.4% of residents. Among the age groups, 97.9% of those over 80 who have received at least one dose are; the 70-79 are 86.3%; the 60-69 are 78.4%; the 50-59 are 48.2%; 40-49 are 17.8%. Disabled people covered by at least one dose are 75.1%, the vulnerable 73.4%.


Day by day breakdown of total cases by region

Total positive cases for Italian regions in the last 30 days

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