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Sun and heat coming all over Italy

SUN, HOT AND AFA COMING – After the temporary and not even widespread uncertain phase of June 2, Italy is preparing to experience a period of 2-3 days characterized by the presence of a anticyclonic promontory of African origin. Sun and rising temperatures will be the dominant characteristics from 3 to 4 June then the models confirm the arrival of a new unstable phase due to a small pocket that from the Iberian Peninsula will reach Italy by the weekend.

Synoptic weather Europe-Italy 3-5 June

THE TIME UNTIL SATURDAY: very little to report until Friday, the high pressure will bring prevailing sun on the Peninsula with some minor exceptions. In fact, some more consistent densification should be noted, especially in the central hours close to the Alpine reliefs with some rain or thunderstorms, especially on Friday. Some diurnal phenomena along the Apennines are not excluded, but they are really sporadic. For Saturday, however, something will begin to changeand for the cloudy vanguards related to the approach of the small Iberian depression. We will have an increase in clouds from the west with cloudy skies in the Center North and the possibility of some light rain in the Northwest and Sardinia together with some daytime thunderstorms in the Alps. Medium-high stratified clouds will also be present in part in the South with clouded sun.

LE TEMPERATURE they will start to climb as early as Thursday but the hottest days will be Friday and partly Saturday when a further increase will affect the southern regions while a slight decrease will affect the Center North.

THE VALUES EXPECTED FRIDAY: it will be the hottest day in Italy with values ​​everywhere above average, although not by much. Expected peaks of 33 ° C in Valpadana especially Emilia Romagna, 31 ° C in the Center, in particular the Tuscan and Lazio hinterland, up to 33 ° C in Sardinia in the Iglesiente and the upper Cagliaritano, 30 ° C between internal Campania and Calabria, above all Cosentino. Up to 32 ° C on the Tavoliere and Materano. The heat will be sultry in Valpadana and in the Tyrrhenian regions.

Maximum temperatures expected on Friday on Italy
Maximum temperatures expected on Friday on Italy

FOLLOWING DAYS: as mentioned on Saturday, which will see greater cloudiness, will be characterized by a slight temperature drop in the Center North, then on Sunday, with the arrival of thunderstorms, the decrease will be more marked.

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