Salary in June, for many from 100 to 600 euros less: what happened?

Coupon month of June 2021: for permanent staff and substitutes on August 31 or June 30, the amount is already visible on the NoiPA personal page: for many, however, there is also a nasty surprise. Is the amount reduced, with figures ranging from 100 to 600 euros? What happened?

It is probably a debt adjustment which the territorial accounting departments have followed up in this month’s salary (even if it had never happened), therefore this has led to a recalculation of the amounts due.

This discomfort, combined with the fact that some teachers and ATAs did not receive the second CU after the rectification notice from NoiPA, is creating discontent.

In the next few days the slip will be made visible, and it will be possible to understand the reason for the curtailment.


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