Giovanni Brusca, the video in which he asks the victims’ families for forgiveness –

Giovanni Brusca, the video in which he asks the victims’ families for forgiveness –
Giovanni Brusca, the video in which he asks the victims’ families for forgiveness –

I apologize, pardon, to all the relatives of the victims to whom I have caused so much pain and so much sorrow.

With these words, five years ago – after twenty years of detention and collaboration with the justice system – Giovanni Brusca start a long interview with the French documentary-director Mosco Levi Bocault, who was making the film Corleone, a production of Arte France and Zek, presented at the Rome festival in 2018.

In the film there are images and voices of mafia repentants, anti-mafia investigators and witnesses of the season of blood and terror unleashed by the clan of Tot Riina.

Among those testimonies stands out that of Giovanni Brusca, recorded for a few hours in an interview room of the Roman prison of Rebibbia, dove the material perpetrator of the Capaci massacre he presented himself harnessed not to be recognizable, but with his own unmistakable voice already heard many times in the Mafia trials.

In front of the camera, Riina’s trusted killer told about his affiliation with Cosa Nostra, the principles of the mafia organization, the crimes he witnessed and those he committed, including those for which he became famous all over the world: the massacre in which they died Giovanni Falcone, Francesca Morvillo and the three escort officers Antonio Montinaro, Rocco Dicillo and Vito Schifani, and the murder of Giuseppe Di Matteo, son of the repentant Santo Di Matteo.

But before starting to reveal the secrets of Cosa Nostra and his life as a murderer and collaborator of justice, Brusca wanted to make a preliminary statement asking forgiveness to the relatives of the many victims that he has on his conscience; and he took the opportunity to apologize also to the woman who at the time was still his wife and to his son, for the double choice that marked his own existence and that of his family: first mafia and then repentant.

Collaborating with justice is a choice that is always denigrated – he explained – but right because it serves to put an end to that factory of death called Cosa Nostra.

The video with the request for forgiveness finished in the records of the Brusca inmate’s file, to be evaluated by the judges who over time have granted him the prize permits to occasionally leave the prison, as well as the days of early release that are due to the inmates who they maintain good conduct, but have denied him home detention, keeping him in the cell at the end of the sentence. Arrived two days ago.

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