Biden relaunches the United States with investments of $ 174 billion in electric cars

The government of United States is ready to support the automotive sector and especially his transition to electric mobility with a huge investment reserved for zero-emission cars and charging infrastructures.

Electric mobility resources for 174 billion dollars

Of the substantial public investment plan of 2 trillion dollars to revive the American economy, 174 billion dollars (about 150 billion euros) will be intended for electric mobility as announced by the president of the United States Joe Biden: “We are behind and we have to run to make up for lost ground in the electrification of mobility, so we need to invest 174 billion dollars in the electric mobility sector to change things”.

Incentives to drive demand for electric cars

The intervention plan of the new administration recently installed in the White House provides for a substantial one strengthening of incentives reserved for battery-powered cars, also to stimulate domestic demand and increase the level of international competitiveness of American manufacturers, with the broader objective of countering the excessive power of Chinese companies in the sector. An increase in incentives for the purchase of electric cars is therefore expected, probably with an eye to those “made in the USA”.

Installation of 500,000 charging stations

The intervention of the American government then points to strengthen infrastructure investing in creation of a network of over 500,000 charging points to ensure a more widespread coverage of the refueling stations, useful for ensuring greater autonomy of movement.

Then, through the government agency for environmental protection and the Department of Energy (DoE), the energy transition process of the fleet of school bus with the electrification of at least 20% of the vehicles, as will the entire vehicle fleet of the government departments and the federal administration.


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