[RUMORS] Shiba Inu very close to the listing on Coinbase .. the price flies!

Also Shiba Token run again. The cryptocurrency is reported above quota 0.000011 and becomes one of the most fit of the moment, recovering at least in part the great losses of the last few days … and, as can be expected in these cases, the crypto-entusiasmo around the token $ Shib!

Losses that had also been driven by waves of shorts on major platforms offering derivatives and futures – shorts that seem to have finally come to a halt, allowing the token to regain altitude.

Shiba ready to land on Coinbase: the indiscretion that has taken hold in the last hours

Behind the recent leap could be the imminent listing on Coinbase (here to open a free account) , at least according to rumors arrived in our editorial office, a question that had started from one signature collection and with the token which, as we will see, in the last few days has in any case been included in the price list by various exchanges.

The listing on Coinbase arrives, according to unconfirmed rumors

Second rumors arrived at our editorial office, there could be the listing on Coinbase is seriously at stake, which at this point would not be so absurd, given the fact that only in the last few days has it come up Brexily, HitBTC and on other minor exchanges – being in any case already present on Binance e Crypto.com.

Coinbase, an exchange listed on the NASDAQ and by far the most important in the world, is relatively slow in introducing new tokens on its lists, but with SHIB remaining among the top 30 cryptocurrencies by capitalization, the hypothesis could become less every day remote.

Find out more about Coinbase: read our review

Arrived at the terminus also the short

The very strong waves of short who had literally massacred, in two days already complex for the altcoin, Shiba Token quotes. After pressing the short sales, the token started breathing again, returning above 0.000011.

A great price, even if we are still far from the highs reached in the first half of May and which had brought the token to the very first places in the special ranking of capitalization.

A rebound due, on a positive day in particular for those tokens that had registered serious losses during the last week. Which we have seen today also with Polygon and with Maker, both of which are currently trading at very encouraging prices.

  • Meanwhile, more and more exchanges are …

They have added SHIB to their list, a sign that we can no longer speak of a meteor, but of a token that has all the credentials to play it on a par with many cryptocurrencies at least on the most famous paper.

The wave of short yesterday had caused fear for the worst, while many believed that it could be the kill shot to a project that still has a lot to say – and that could turn its fortunes upside down with the highly anticipated arrival of ShibaSwap.

Where are we with ShibaSwap?

There are no substantial changes in this respect. We will still have to wait for a while, despite the fact that screenshots have circulated in recent days that had made us think for the best. The arrival of ShibaSwap – in beta or final version – could have further repercussions positive for the token, which could resume running and regain its all-time high, which stands at about three times the current price. ù

The future of ShibaSwap, which for many cassandras seemed to be marked, now appears extremely rosier. And for those who want to buy it – is present in the list of our cryptocurrencies in the wallet – it might not be too late.

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