Campania remains a red zone, the RT is still too high

twelve o’clock, April 2, 2021 – 10:23 am

The decision comes after the meeting of the control room which will now be ratified by the Minister of Health

of Angelo Agrippa

Campania remains in the red zone. what came out of the weekly assessment carried out by the national control room that monitored the recent data of the epidemic. Now we only await the confirmation of the Minister of Health Roberto Speranza. Although most of the results of the weekly monitoring are not particularly alarming, the contagiousness index of about 1.3 suggested to the monitoring body to leave Campania still in the red and therefore with commercial activities closed, with limited catering at delivery and takeaway bars.

Coscioni: Too many cases in Naples and in the agrocerino area

Unfortunately – commented Enrico Coscioni, president of Agenas and member of the national control room – even if the incidence on intensive care admissions and lethality remains almost contained, there are areas, such as the metropolitan area of ​​Naples and the countryside. Nocerino-Sarnese, in which the circulation of variants is always very widespread and one is fighting against a virus that has also become very aggressive. Moreover, with a national Rt index of 232 cases per hundred thousand inhabitants, the general situation is still heavy. But we are confident, as President De Luca said, to reach 60 thousand vaccinations per day in Campania and with the alleviation of hospital pressure to be able to exit the acute phase of the emergency as soon as possible.

Low mortality

The Higher Institute of Health has published the death report exactly one year after the pandemic – explains Antonio Salvatore, head of the Anci Health Desk -. It is worth noting that 2/3 of the deaths occurred in the third phase. Campania is confirmed as the Region with the lowest lethality rate (1.5% vs 3% nationally). The mean age of virus positive and deceased patients was 81 and 56% were male. Only 1% of all deceased patients were under the age of 50. Only 3% of the total was not affected by pathologies. Even on the contagion front, the situation remains contained: In March 2021, the national average incidence on 100,000 inhabitants was 1,104 infected – adds Salvatore -. Campania slightly above the national average with 1,220 new positives per 100,000 inhabitants, although the trend of the last three weeks has been decreasing. The PA of Bolzano, Friuli VG and Emilia Romagna mark a trend much higher than the national average. In terms of deaths, unfortunately, Campania is in 3rd place with 1,085 new deaths in March, behind Emilia Romagna with 1,374 and Lombardy with 2,374.

April 2, 2021 | 10:23



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