Hospital admissions increase in Sardinia The wave of infections does not stop

Hospital admissions increase in Sardinia The wave of infections does not stop
Hospital admissions increase in Sardinia The wave of infections does not stop

Not a disaster like the day before yesterday (with 444 new infected), but always too many cases of coronavirus in the island: the latest count reports about ninety fewer cases, 351, according to the report of the Regional Crisis Unit, with four new deaths (the total since the beginning of the pandemic is 1,238) and a positivity rate of 4.8%.

The data on hospitalizations are specially monitored: in Sardinian hospitals, 236 non-intensive care beds are occupied by Covid patients, therefore 14 more than on Wednesday, while 34 remain in intensive care. In addition, there are over fourteen thousand in isolation at home.

While in Nuoro the alarm goes off for 188 new infected, in Uri the red zone is extended until April 12: “With 129 infected and 169 in quarantine, there was no choice”, explains the mayor Lucia Cirroni. The municipalities of the island in the red zone are Bultei, Soleminis, Burcei, Villa San Pietro, Donori, Samugheo, Sindia, Gavoi, Golfo Aranci, Bono, Uri and Pozzomaggiore. It is no longer Sarroch, it becomes Pula (until April 16).

The surge in infections, connected to the greater infectivity of the variants, at the moment, worries for the economy but not for the beds in the Covid wards.

Sergio Marracini, head of a group of hospitals to which the Covid ones in Cagliari are part: Santissima Trinità, Marino and Binaghi, explains: “I’m not worried: we emptied the Marino, where there were nine people infected with the coronavirus, to free personnel who are now inoculating the vaccines, at Binaghi we have thirty Covid patients out of a hundred beds available, at Santissima Trinità 115 with a capacity of 200. We are far from the emergency “.

A week ago, daily infections on the island were well below two hundred, now we are at 270 a day after counting 344. We are in the midst of the third wave and there is a fact that catches the eye: “Covid patients of Cagliari “, analyzes Marracini,” are between thirty and sixty years old. The elderly have disappeared, and do you know why? They are vaccinating them, so they become immune. constantly stealing guests from the virus “.


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