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Covid vaccine booking in Lombardy with Poste Italiane: today at the start-

Covid vaccine booking in Lombardy with Poste Italiane: today at the start-
Covid vaccine booking in Lombardy with Poste Italiane: today at the start-

There is a new portal, there is one map of massive vaccination centers, there is a calendar, with dates and age groups that offer a horizon and answers to citizens not yet involved in the immunization campaign against Covid. And there is a goal: July 18th. By that date, in the best of scenarios put in black and white, counting on compliance with the deliveries promised by the national commissioner, the Region aims to inoculate all Lombards with the first (or only: as it will be with Johnson & Johnson) dose. If this were not the case, it would be postponed to October 20: but it would not benefit anyone, much less the plan by General Figliuolo. Because without Lombardy at full capacity, Italy does not arrive at the 500,000 administrations per day.

The massive centers

It starts one day earlier than announced on Wednesday: from this morning, on the stroke of 8, citizens can register – or rather, book directly – on the new Poste Italiane portal, created specifically for the Lombardy Region (here all the news). Which thus arrives at the mass campaign, with which it arises the goal of immunizing 6.6 million Lombards from 12 April. The tool to get there, in addition to the new portal, is the map, and the consequences of vaccination capacity, of the large massive centers: “There are 76 massive vaccination centers – the manager of the campaign Guido Bertolaso ​​explained yesterday – for 450 lines that will be active from 12 to 30 April “, and which will guarantee” 65 thousand doses as maximum daily administration “.

From 1 May, however, when it was “assured that they will be there increased supplies of vaccines, we will have ready – continues Bertolaso ​​- over 1,000 lines, with a daily production of over 144,000 doses per day ».

The stages

The mass campaign will proceed by age group. Let’s start with 75-79enni: they are the first to be able to book from 8 this morning. For the 449,862 Lombards in question, the administration will go, with the current availability of doses, at the rate of 35,000 per day: it will begin on 12th and will end on 26th April. Second step: bookings for 546,312 citizens will open on April 15 between 70 and 74 years. Since Lombardy will have further supplies after 15 April, it is expected to be able to increase to 65 thousand administrations per day: starting on 27 April, it will end with this age group on 8 May. If not, it will go to 12 May.

Third green traffic light: from 22nd April it will be possible to book 60-69 year olds, which are 1,189,119: the “best-case scenario»At this point he brings the vaccination capacity of the Region to 144,000 administrations per day, ending this age group from 9 to 18 May (if one were stuck at 65,000 per day, it would be postponed, however, to 9 June). So we come to 50-59enni, 1,592,070 citizens: at best they will start booking from April 30th and will be vaccinated from May 19th to June 7th. At worst, booking from May 15th and inoculations from June 10th to July 16th. Finally, the most cumbersome group, the more than 4 million Lombards under 49: at the well-established rate of 144,000 inoculated doses per day, they can be booked from 14 May and will be vaccinated from 8 June to 18 July. The lowest one of 65,000 would be postponed to June 13 for booking and July 17 for vaccination, with a date of end of October 20.

Vaccines in Lombardy: for further information

Gli over 80

Regarding the current phase of the campaign, President Attilio Fontana said that «to date 1,629.00 vaccine doses have been administered. 63% of the over 80s received at least one dose, 28% also the second “and the councilor for welfare and vice president Letizia Moratti stressed that” we are 89% of the doses administered compared to those delivered “. Between now and 11 April, the Region must finish vaccinating people over eighty: on 611.128 registered received the first dose 386.837 (63%). Another 224,291 to be vaccinated by 11 April are still missing.

And who is still waiting for the call? They are few now, but there are. Moratti yesterday specified that those who “have not received the appointment for the convocation or who register now, will be able to access the Poste Italiane call center (800894545) ». Over 100 mayors of the metropolitan city have written one on this topic letter to the Region and Ats denouncing the “many elderly people waiting” e asking to receive lists of people not yet registered on the platform. From Welfare they underline that “the ANCI is now part of the control room of the vaccination plan”, they reiterate that they are “continuing to ask for the lists of non-members of the campaign, so far not obtainable for privacy reasons” and on the calls not yet reached. destination assure that it will be a matter of “two, maximum three days”.

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