what can be done? Transfers, lunch and visits

what can be done? Transfers, lunch and visits
what can be done? Transfers, lunch and visits

Italy red zone at Easter from 3 to 5 April with rules, prohibitions and restrictions on travel, visits to friends and relatives, second homes. For 3 days, even the regions in the orange zone will have to deal with stricter measures to limit contacts and avoid the further spread of the coronavirus. Some regions – most recently Piedmont – have integrated the rules provided for by the decree with their own ordinances. What can be done and what cannot be done between 3 and 5 April:


In each region, the curfew already in force remains. The curfew will remain unchanged between 10 pm and 5 am, except for reasons of work, health or emergencies, to be justified with self-certification.


On holidays “in the areas affected by the restrictions, travel to other inhabited private homes will be possible only once a day, between 5.00 and 22.00, remaining within the same Region”. So, yes to visits to relatives and friends in compliance with the curfew. The provision allows travel for private visits – to relatives or friends – to a maximum of two people “who can still bring with them children under 14 (or other children under 14 over whom the same people exercise parental authority ) and people with disabilities or non self-sufficient living together “. Such movements – and therefore visits – are not allowed in the red zone. To visit a non self-sufficient relative, you can also leave the Region.


The ban on travel between regions remains in force. It is possible to move from the region of residence only for work, health or emergency reasons. In this case, the movements must be justified with self-certification (here the form to be filled in).


We ask, with recommendations, not to welcome people who do not live together. The visits of relatives and friends, in any case, should be characterized by compliance with the rules of distancing even at the table.


At mass with self-certification and in a church close to home. For the rest, the rules are always those that require the entry of the faithful in a limited number, the obligation to wear a mask and a safe distance.

No exchange of peace but a bow looking into his eyes. For the Easter rites, the CEI invited the faithful to participate in the celebration in presence in strict compliance with the anti-contagion rules. Streaming recommended for the elderly and people most at risk.


Only the cohabiting nucleus can go to the second house and only if the destination home is empty. You cannot go to the second home with friends and family. You can reach the second house only if you own or if you have entered into a rental contract from a date prior to January 14, 2021. Piedmont, with an ordinance, has joined Tuscany, Valle d’Aosta and Alto Adige which prohibit the entry of non-residents in the region. Campania has also prohibited travel for residents. Liguria has established that residents cannot reach second homes or even boats. Adequately motivated entry into Sardinia and Sicily is subject to a negative buffer.


On Easter Monday, traditional outings are prohibited and no picnics.


Sports activity is allowed according to the rules of the red zone: “Exclusively within the territory of one’s own Municipality, from 5 to 22, individually and outdoors, maintaining an interpersonal distance of two meters”.

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