“I am an outsider at the service of a bottom-up project” – Mianews

Simone Sollazzo, municipal councilor of the mixed group, former exponent of the Five Star Movement and founder of the ‘Milano Concreta’ civic list project, announces his candidacy for mayor in the upcoming municipal elections in Milan. After the mayor Giuseppe Sala and the candidate of the committees and of Milan in the Municipality, Gabriele Mariani, Sollazzo is therefore added to the competition for the vote scheduled for the autumn.
“We opted for my name by virtue of the administrative path I have already taken as a city councilor in these five years. The choice fell on me because I am the most experienced person in the group, but I am not a ‘maximo leader’ “, explains Sollazzo to Mianews.
“I know how difficult it is and how much time and energy it can take to carry out a project made up of rediscovered stimuli and participation, starting, however, from the rear and without any kind of help. But what matters at the moment is to look at this certificate of esteem and trust with the responsibility of those who are the “guarantors” of a serious project that remains collectively owned. The protagonist is not me, but the men and women who believe in the need for greater concreteness for this city ”, he explains.
“The basic objectives, in fact, will have to be discussed and shared with citizens and will lead to the implementation of projects and administrative solutions in every sector: from the environment to the care of infrastructures, from participation in labor policies and culture, all thanks to the competence of those who animate this house called “Milano Concreta”. Our dialogue will always be open to all citizens, young people, the elderly, families, associative and aggregative realities, political forces open to a new path, beyond the usual diatribes and flag positions “; adds Sollazzo.
“As far as I’m concerned,” he continues, “I consider myself an outsider, a simple metropolitan citizen who, together with many other people, has decided to put their ideas in black and white, and to commit to realizing them. We invite everyone to contact us and collaborate to carry out their ideas of the future city, those who want to express their competence and passion for the community will find the right space here “.
Sollazzo also stresses that “we have not denied dialogue to anyone so far. I also remained in contact with many members of the Five Star Movement: it is clear if someone should feel disappointed due to possible alliances with the Democratic Party, if there are common visions, we are ready to welcome them. It is not a gesture of revenge or a forcing, but a simple openness to ideas and people who want to get busy “.
Of possible alliances in the second round, “it is still early to talk about it”, continues the city councilor: “We have only reflected on the first round so far. We have already had approaches and proposals, but at the moment we are not interested and we are thinking of running alone ”. From Milano Concreta they let it be known: “At the moment, with the enthusiasm and commitment of all the members, he can be the candidate for mayor in the next municipal elections. Even if the objectives and results of the list do not end with the upcoming elections, in a long-term construction perspective, Simone is the right person to carry out the concrete proposals of the Milano Concreta project and build the right political program for the metropolitan city. The team that decided to work with him will support him in a work of contents and experiences that Simone will certainly be able to translate into solutions and well-being for the community, thanks to his absolutely “civic” approach and his commitment to combining work in the council chamber. listening to citizenship “.


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