Covid, Italy red zone for Easter: self-certification will be required for travel. TEMPLATE [PDF]

With the new Covid decree, Italy becomes the red and orange zone for a large part of the territory (from 3 to 5 April all regions will be in the red zone).

The module also returns self-certification necessary for travel and visits to relatives in the red and orange band.

School in attendance from 7 to 30 April up to sixth grade throughout Italy. Law Decree in the Official Gazette

When self-certification is needed

In the red zone, self-certification is always required. All movements are forbidden even within one’s own Municipality, except in case of necessity, for work and health needs. All reasons that must be proven by self-certification.

For Easter (April 3-4-5) there are some exceptions: participation in mass in a church close to home is allowed and moving once a day between 5 and 22 to another private home to visit friends and relatives (only two non-cohabitants can be accommodated who will be able to bring with you children under 14 and disabled and non self-sufficient people who live with them).

In orange zone the movements allowed only within the Municipality, from 5 to 22. Those who live in a Municipality with up to 5 thousand inhabitants can move within 30 km from the border (even in another region), with the prohibition to travel to provincial capitals. Also in the municipality, visits to friends and relatives are allowed, once a day for a maximum of 2 people (excluding under 14s). Open shops (shopping centers closed on holidays and the day before holidays).

To move beyond these limits imposed by the orange zone, you must have proven health or work reasons and therefore self-certification is required.


How to fill in the self-certification form

  • Fill in all the spaces on the identity of the person making the move
  • Fill in the address where the move started and the destination address
  • Fill in all the spaces by ticking the box indicating the “situation of need”
  • In space – other reasons – specify what it is.


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