Confcommercio raises the alarm, blocking of activities but Tari at a record level

Although many businesses are closed, due to Covid, the cost of the Tari e rises Confcommercio raises the alarm.

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Unfortunately, thousands of commercial activities have been closed due to the restrictions related to Covid. A real emergency to which the government must give rapid and organic responses to try to save as many as possible. Despite the lack of income, the tax burden does not decrease, so much so that the countries has reached record levels.

To sound the alarm is Confcommercio, Italian General Confederation of Enterprises, Professional Activities and Self-Employment, which asks for explanations with respect to what must be considered a contradiction. It is not possible that with the decrease of production on waste the tax on the same increases. A mockery for many

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Shops closed but Tari at a record level

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The closure of commercial activities, linked to the health emergency, consequently led to a reduction in waste production, a total of 5 million less than in 2019. Net of this figure, however, the total cost of the waste tax must be considered, the Tari, which reached a record level of 9.73 billion with an increase of 80% in the last 10 years. An oxymoron to which Confcommercio asked for an explanation.

The Local Tax Observatory, in fact, has specified that this is a paradox that further penalizes companies in the tertiary sector, with costs that are still too high and disproportionate against which an efficient management of services provided by local authorities does not correspond. It is self-evident to reiterate that the decrease in waste should have been accompanied by a decrease in the cost of the collection and disposal service.

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Tertiary companies are facing an extreme situation: completely insufficient support and prospects of reopening a mirage“, This is the dramatic picture of the situation traced by Confcommercio.

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