Rome, sends bloody kid heads for not paying compensation: arrested

Rome, sends bloody kid heads for not paying compensation: arrested
Rome, sends bloody kid heads for not paying compensation: arrested

Kid heads mozzate, skinned, insanguinate and wrapped in cellophane. Mafia-style warnings a Roma. A 51-year-old man, P. C., was arrested for attempted extortion aggravated by the mafia method. In order not to pay the compensation due following a legal dispute, at the beginning of January 2019 he sent packages containing the heads of a kid to a pensioner and his son, owners of some land. Thus began the investigations of the mobile team of Rome, in collaboration with the mobile team of Catanzaro.

The controversy from which the investigations start

The Calabrian family, owner of a real estate company, built some villas in Rome in 2019 on land owned by two parties. However, it does not comply with contractual obligations. As judicially ascertained by the Civil Court of Rome, which orders the ownership of three villas and compensation of 480,000 euros in favor of father and son.

They don’t want to pay

Father and son are forced to initiate an executive procedure, because the company does not want to pay. The man also buys the first degree mortgage loan from a bank, burdening one of the three villas (however leased to a third person) and registers a credit for professional services of 300,000 euros on the basis of an act of recognition of debt by of the Calabrian real estate company. The aim is clear. He does not want to pay and maliciously prevent the possibility of recovery of the villas and the sums due as compensation for damage.

Sending the bloody packages

To avoid paying what is owed, Cosentino begins with intimidation. And so he sends the parcels containing the kid’s heads. Frightened, the son tells his lawyer that he wants to accept the settlement proposal, even if it is unfavorable. From the intercepted phone calls, the investigators report, the state of submission of the entire family is evident, but it does not decide to give in to the proposal.

The key threat letter for the investigation

Despite the pressure, the two do not accept compromises. And due to the prolongation of this indecision, in March 2019 an anonymous letter with a threatening content was delivered to one of the victims. The checks on the letter and the technical telephone interception activities allow the agents to identify in Paolo Cosentino the real sender of the threatening message, entrusted to a third party so that it was sent from a different place than in Lamezia Terme, in order to evade any possible verifications. According to the investigators, that Cosentino is the material author of the intimidation, emerges clearly from the intercepted conversations: in one the 51-year-old asks the subject about the sending of the letter, in the other, the third person complains of having been used to send a letter to Rome; the interlocutor immediately understands the recipients of the letter and refers to the purchase of the mortgage by Cosentino, further confirming what was reconstructed during the investigation.


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