“Salvini acts as a crutch? No, as a finger in the eye” – Libero Quotidiano

“Salvini acts as a crutch? No, as a finger in the eye” – Libero Quotidiano
“Salvini acts as a crutch? No, as a finger in the eye” – Libero Quotidiano

I’m not afraid to say Hope resign and that the data method must be thoroughly revised. I fight against obligations of all kinds. I demand reopening. But if you take it out on those inside the government who are fighting for you, you have pine cones in your head ”. Maria Giovanna Maglie spoke outright to the center-right voters, and in particular the Lega, who in the last few hours have expressed their opposition to the latest positions expressed by Matteo Salvini.

In particular the one on reopening, with the secretary who aligned himself with Mario Draghi: “If the scientific data classify a Region as still at risk, that is red, the closures will be maintained. If, on the other hand, the data classifies it as safer, that is, yellow or white, it will begin to reopen. 50 million people cannot be locked up until May due to the political choice of Minister Speranza. Our loyalty to President Draghi requires us to work together to solve problems, but also to have the courage to point out and correct what is wrong ”.

Maglie appreciated Salvini’s speech very much: “None of us thought that a government like this was our government. But staying inside means denouncing, protesting, groped to limit the damage that a government only on the left with a bit of technocrats would do with the blessing of the Quirinale ”. Someone in the comments, however, still expressed doubts, stating that it makes no sense for the League to act as a crutch for this executive: “The first party in the country, a highly responsible party – was the reply of Maglie – cannot back down if ‘is a national emergency call and if the true method, the elections, has been excluded by those with the power to do so. It doesn’t act as a crutch, it acts as a finger in the eye”.

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