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The most photographed places in Rome on Instagram by influencers

The most photographed places in Rome on Instagram by influencers
The most photographed places in Rome on Instagram by influencers

Instagram is an increasingly popular social network nowadays. Even if it is not the latest arrival on the market, it still manages to maintain its catchment area a quite high numbers and it is therefore always a preferential channel, used by both individuals and companies for online communication.

It is in fact used by ordinary people who try to increase their popularity on the web, by influencers who already have thousands of followers on their profiles, but also by companies and professionals who make this platform a springboard for their content. Even if there are many who open new profiles, few are able to reach a really high audience, which allows you to count on a community in target and really involved. Precisely for this reason there are services such as those of Unica Web Studio that allow you to improve the positioning of your IG profile, thanks to a numerical increase in the most important parameters (such as likes, followers and comments).

Instagram, being fundamentally based on sharing content such as photos and videos, leads its users to a continuous search for perfect locations to capture: essential aspect especially for influencers in the travel sector. What does Italy have to offer from this point of view? Obviously an infinite number of fabulous and very different places, all to be discovered and photographed. An excellent starting point could be the capital: there are areas of particular interest in Romefor Instagrammers? What are the most strategic areas and monuments and which work best once inserted in the feed?

The Colosseum

We cannot speak of Rome without mentioning the famous Colosseum, an icon of the city and one of the emblems of our peninsula in general. A place of incredible interest also recognized abroad, it certainly is one of the most photographed attractions with smartphones. Its shapes and intriguing geometries make it a perfect destination for creative shots. Historically it is recognized as the most important amphitheater of the Roman era and it is undoubtedly one of the most important monuments within the Eternal City.

Piazza di Spagna

Another particularly exclusive area of ​​the city is Piazza di Spagna, characterized by the typical stairway of Trinità dei Monti. In the center of the square is one of Bernini’s most famous works, the Barcaccia fountain.

In this square it is possible to take a photo along the staircase, like real VIPs. However, to avoid having too many people around and finding the best light, it is good to evaluate what are the most suitable times for the shooting. In addition to the classic photos it is always good to consider unusual poses or original shots, which on Instagram they haven’t seen each other frequently yet in combination with the same place of interest.

The Trevi Fountain

The Trevi Fountain is considered one of the most famous and recognized Renaissance fountains in the world. And then the largest fountain in Rome and welcomes many tourists every year, eager to see it live after having admired it several times in the photo. Even in front of this monument it is possible to take real memorable photos and above all ideal for an intriguing feed, always bearing in mind that the whole area is often very busy.

Sant’Angelo castel

A very popular place for international tourism, as well as for the Romans themselves, is Castel Sant’Angelo. This area lends itself a lot to artistic shots, above all when the light is more particular and interesting, like at dawn or in the evening. It is a monument that embodies aesthetic charm linked to an important historical imprint and is therefore the perfect place for unforgettable shots. There are obviously many other instagrammable places within the capital. Many are known to everyone, others are real hidden pearls, which only the locals know specifically. From this point of view, having local knowledge can be incredibly helpful in getting advice on unique and surprising spots. Rome is also a particularly busy and decidedly lively and crowded city: taking interesting and unique photographs inside it is not at all easy, but with a little commitment and a bit of luck you can take home shots of a true influencer!

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