DAMAGE to homes and cars, the details

Good weather completely envelops our country

Despite a first slight retreat of the anticyclonic structure today the conditions weather they continued to remain generally and visibly stable, as the satellite images testified. Mostly clear or slightly cloudy skies, with some isolated disturbance in the early afternoon on the mountain ranges. This meteorological picture is also accompanied by a very hot climate especially in the center-north: in Po Valley today they have been touched and in some cases even exceeded + 28 ° C.

A weekend of bad weather awaits us

The conditions weather within our peninsula they will tend to worsen clearly over the next weekend: the retreat of the high pressure of origin African it will in fact give way to fresher and more unstable currents of nature nordatlantica, that starting tomorrow Friday 2 April, but especially from Saturday 3, they will be responsible for the formation of thunderstorms. Rain and snow in the low mountains will lash the boot for the whole Easter weekend.

Hail storm hits Maryland, United States

It has been weeks now that are anything but calm from a meteorological point of view in the United States. Extreme atmospheric phenomena have occurred several times in the states of the United States, such as tornadoes, which in some cases have unfortunately also caused victims. Finally, in the past few hours, a violent hailstorm would have hit the Washington County, in Maryland, causing considerable damage as we will see in the next paragraph.


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