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Italy-Turkey in June with the public? What the experts say

Italy-Turkey in June with the public? What the experts say
Italy-Turkey in June with the public? What the experts say

Italy-Turkey of Euro 2021 with the public in the stands. This is the idea that is gaining ground in these hours and that has already been positively received by the leaders of the Lazio region, starting with Nicola Zingaretti. The inaugural match of the European football championships is scheduled at the Olympic stadium in Rome on 11 June and the hope is that by that date the situation of the Coronavirus infections and the vaccination campaign will have significantly improved, to the point of allowing an opening even partial spectators and with due checks.

“With due caution and prudence, a ticket, a buffer and the spacing, the demonstration can be activated in safety. But the CTS and the Government must also express this on this. The same procedure can be implemented as on flights Rome-New York with a swab before departure “, said the councilor for health of the Lazio Region Alessio D’Amato, guest of ‘A sheep’s day’ on Rai Radio1.

“These are choices that we do not make, the government and the CTS will do, but we make ourselves available if you want to experiment with the ticket-buffer-distancing method”, agreed the president of the Lazio region, Nicola Zingaretti, specifying that “it is a decision which cannot be taken at a regional level “. Certainly we need the approval of the scientists and some of the experts have already opened up to this possibility.

“An idea of ​​this kind for the first half of May would have disconcerted me. But a demonstration that concerns June 11, on the other hand, is a note of hope: let’s throw our hearts over the obstacle, if it can be done, willingly. I don’t feel like excluding it. June is still a time that needs caution, of course. But I don’t find it wrong to talk about it, “Massimo Galli, director of the infectious disease clinic at the Sacco hospital in Milan, told Adnkronos Health. “This possibility is good for the soul. We are talking about a deadline in June, there are two whole months in between. With the vaccination campaign in place. Many things can happen, let’s hope for the positive”, added Galli who instead finds “risky to talk. of openings in April “. But “thinking about possibilities later in time is fine”. Obviously, “the usual variables must be considered, that is how many vaccinations we will be able to do, what variants will be in circulation, what data. In any case, I do not feel like rejecting the idea of ​​working on a June deadline, at least hypothetically. “, continued the Milanese infectious disease specialist. For Galli the message should be: “Now we are still in the middle of the ford and we have to hold on. With the vaccine, and a few more sacrifices, we could reach the conclusion”.

Andrea Crisanti was not unbalanced, for whom it is still premature to talk about it. “If it can be done, only the virus will tell us,” he noted. “June 11 is a distant date and it is not possible to predict now what the situation will be. This can be seen as a hope”, added Crisanti, for whom to guide us “will be the numbers and what can be done or not. the level of transmission of that moment will tell us. ” “I think that Zingaretti’s statements intercept the aspirations of all of us, but we have to wait. The virus will tell us”, concluded the director of the Department of Molecular Medicine of the University of Padua.

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