Italia Viva, eleven Calabrian leaders leave the party. “No political perspective”

Italia Viva, eleven Calabrian leaders leave the party. “No political perspective”
Italia Viva, eleven Calabrian leaders leave the party. “No political perspective”
COSENZA «The facts of the last few days confirm the doubts and perplexities about the role that Italia Viva will have in Calabria in the near future. The winks now substantiate a political choice that we cannot agree with. The appreciation of President Spirlì in terms of health and the news of the constitution of the “intergroup on the bridge over the Strait” between some parliamentarians from Italia Viva, Lega and Forza Italia, is the confirmation of how ancient evils exist in the party, such as the total disconnect between the top-down dimension, of the “party of the elected” which makes its choices independently from the bodies and an intermediate body, of members and managers who are valid to legitimize the existence of the first, but who only guess from the press the orientations in on the themes and alliances “. This is what we read in a note signed by some managers of Italia Viva Calabria. “Neither the national assembly that has just ended has dispelled our perplexities, marking the lack of appropriate consideration of the” Calabria question “- a region in which voting is very short and almost never mentioned in the interventions of the national representatives – and the obvious contradiction, on the point of alliances, between the impassable borders indicated by the party leader and his self-referential local colonels. In a terrible moment – we still read – for the history not only of our country but of the whole world, the decisions that Italia Viva had to face were difficult and the choices made were courageous which, although largely appreciable, were never discussed. with the base and with the established bodies, who were asked to share uncritically and without any contribution. A party that has a strong and far-sighted leader like Matteo Renzi cannot for this reason be built in an extremely oligarchic way and with few middle cadres ». «The evolution of the political framework – they continue – would have required a broad debate on the future location of our party which appears, at the moment, fluctuating and contingent on individual local situations. We do not believe, for example, that coexistence within the majority that supports the Draghi government can legitimize a structural alliance, albeit on specific issues, with the League. We joined Italia Viva with enthusiasm and trust on the basis of assumptions, which are essential for us and on which we had received ample guarantees, of discontinuity with the past and attention to Calabria. Well, both hopes have been irremediably betrayed ». “The management of the party, which would have required regional coordination, also in view of the upcoming elections, is in fact the responsibility of the local parliamentarians who remain an expression of a past time and bankruptcy experiences soundly punished by the Calabrians, and who often disagree with the territorial coordinators, managers, administrators and members, today they lead the party in an authoritarian and self-referential manner. Calabria, which will go to the vote – they add – in a few months is the most troubled region of the country, in which the pandemic has hit the hardest, undermining a dramatically inadequate health system and one of the worst economic conditions in Europe. The region would have needed a careful eye and strong choices on the part of Italia Viva which have been completely lacking, both in terms of renewal of the ruling class, and of centrality of the themes most felt by the local population, such as the construction of new hospitals, new hires in healthcare and high-speed rail. Apart from the personal attention of some managers, among the first Ettore Rosato, to whom our thanks and our esteem goes, no political signal has arrived for Calabria, much to the disappointment of our expectations and expectations, which do not translate into personal ambitions (the conscious and voluntary choice of a small party is the demonstration of this), but in collective hopes linked to the fate of a land, Calabria, which has known too many examples of bad politics to be able to continue to legitimize its removal from the national agenda and relinquishing its most trashy treatment to television broadcasts from large advertising revenues. If Calabria is scary, not passionate and constitutes the eternal problem for urban politicians, it interests us who dedicate our lives to it and who propose to really use the “flamethrower” towards those who have not represented it with dignity and meaning of the common good “. “These considerations, which we are sure will find greater hearing and completeness in the debate we will promote, necessarily lead us to draw the consequence of our departure from Italia Viva which seems to have lost the driving force on the basis of which it was born and which does not appear capable of to reverse the trend and for which, net of the basic ideas and proposals that we continue to support and will try to enhance, no future political perspective in harmony with our feelings we can glimpse. We hope that the convergence on common values ​​can continue in autonomous forms, certain that the reformist, guaranteeing battle for rights, for a freer and more just society, for the affirmation of the values ​​of Christian humanism, for a politics free from populism and sovereignty, for each of us it will continue and will still represent the beacon of our future commitment ».

Stefania Covello, National Manager

Bianca Rende, National Committee and Municipal Councilor of Cosenza

Salvatore Giorno, Coordinator of the City of Cosenza

Lidia Chiriatti, Provincial Coordinator Reggio Calabria

Maria Salvia, Provincial Coordinator of Vibo Valentia

Caterina Sirianni, Provincial Coordinator Catanzaro

Silvio Ranieri, National Assembly and Managing Director of the Municipality of Montalto Uffugo

Antonio Gentile, National Assembly

Annalisa Fiorenza, National Assembly

Rossella Argento, National Assembly

Pasqualino Maio, Deputy Mayor of Torano Castello

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