“Never put Italy in danger”

“Never put Italy in danger”
“Never put Italy in danger”
“The security of the state has never been jeopardized”: this is the defense of Walter Biot, the naval officer arrested for espionage in a parking lot in Rome while giving a pen drive containing classified documents to a Russian officer. But what was in that pen? What documents did Biot have access to? Some of these questions were answered by the order of the investigating judge of Rome.

Top secret documents by Walter Biot

Among the objects seized from Walter Biot after his arrest is a memory card, in which investigators found 181 photos of classified paper documents. In detail, as specified in the precautionary custody order issued by the investigating judge of Rome, Antonella Minunni, there are nine documents of a military nature classified as “highly confidential” and 47 of the “Nato Secret” type.

Biot was serving in the Military Policy and Planning Office of the Defense Staff, a sector that gives access to very sensitive documents and ” covered by secrecy preordained for state security ”. The arrested naval officer in particular was involved in the “projection of the Italian defense assets in foreign operational theaters and also in NATO, EU and UN operations”.

The photos and the pen drive for Russian spies: this is how the arrested Italian officer acted

Biot was surprised by the Ros carabinieri in the parking lot of a supermarket near Rome, but that was not the first time he ” passed ‘something to the official accredited to the Moscow embassy. The investigations have brought to light an activity that is anything but sporadic: “Executive modalities – reads the ordinance – which show in a handheld manner the extreme danger of the subject given the professionalism demonstrated in carrying out the aforementioned actions inferable from the many tools used (4 smartphones) and the measures adopted “.

“The elements are symptomatic of the criminal depth of the suspect who did not place any scruple in betraying the trust of the institution he belongs to for the sole purpose of achieving economic profits” writes the investigating judge of Rome. “Such accurate methods of acting – it says – such as the insertion of the SD card in the leaflet of medicines as well as the fact that no appointments or contacts with the Russian agent emerge from the phones in his possession”.

A meeting between the heads of the military and ordinary prosecutors is expected in the coming weeks to take stock of the investigation. Among other things, the aim is also to evaluate the issue of competence, which can have a concurrent or exclusive character.

” I did not endanger Italy ”

Meanwhile Walter Biot, through his lawyer Roberto De Vita, has made it known that the disclosed documents do not represent dangers for our country: “There is no news of the disputed facts that could have jeopardized the security of the State, I never endangered Italy.

“My client – explains the defender of the Navy officer – told me of a very serious economic fragility linked to a family situation. He knows he has to defend himself from serious accusations but we are sure that the facts will be reduced”.

A spy story in which there are still many unanswered questions, such as the reasons that led Biot to sell top secret documents. According to his family members, the economic crisis, a gesture moved by desperation, would have pushed the 56-year-old in this ” tour ”. To the words of his wife, Claudia Carbonara, were added those of the eldest son: “I found out about my father on TV, I inquired about the agencies. I learned more from the media than from the carabinieri. I am unaware of everything. . The only thing, if my father did it, is for the family, to support us and the house. Certainly not to go against the homeland and the state since he has served them for 35 years “.

“My father was in the second Gulf War – the 35-year-old ventured on Repubblica – he was in Afghanistan, Iraq. This is something that would get us into trouble, I already have problems at work and my sister too. I have a I work part time, I do gardening. If they dismiss him we’re finished, they take away our underage children because we can’t support them and I’ve already had problems with the law. “

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