941,000 extra Pfizer doses to Italy by June

AGI – Italy will receive 941,940 extra doses of Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine by June. This is what was established by the joint distribution mechanism of the ten million Pfizer doses arriving in the second quarter instead of the third.

The mechanism, approved today by the EU governments, provides a reserve of solidarity that the member countries have chosen to allocate to the states that are the most late in the vaccination campaign: Bulgaria, Croatia, Estonia, Latvia and Slovakia. These will receive, in addition to the share due to them in proportion to their population, a solidarity reserve equal to 2.85 million doses.

Three countries – Austria, the Czech Republic and Slovenia – will receive instead the pro rata amount relating to the 10 million doses and therefore will not participate in the solidarity ‘collection’.

If Italy had also escaped the joint distribution system, it would have received 1,345,629 extra doses.


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