Trantino: “I tell you why Razza is alien to the accusations”

Trantino: “I tell you why Razza is alien to the accusations”
Trantino: “I tell you why Razza is alien to the accusations”

CATANIA – In the centuries-old building set in the heart of Corso Italia, the lawyer Enrico Trantino, son of art, study colleague and friend, always, of the former health councilor Ruggero Razza, has already planned, point by point, the strategy to “dismantle the accusations based on non-existent assumptions of the Public Prosecutor of Trapani “.

While the regional government falters at the Ars and the wiretapping continues to cause the long wave of a real tsunami on the majority led by Nello Musumeci, the investigation notice to Razza has been legally “dissected”. Here, point by point, all the questions to Enrico Trantino.

We start from the hypothesis of accusation, concurrence in forgery.

“They are absolutely inconsistent, because the magistrates of Trapani did not undertake to verify the premise of their hypothesis, that is, that the data transmitted by the Sicilian Region, on a daily basis, affected the determination of the risk areas in yellow, orange and red bands. To determine which band to fall into, complicated epidemiological data is taken into account, summarized in the ministerial decree of 30 April 2020, collected thanks to the numbers uploaded to the platform of the higher health institute by the provincial health authorities and which could not be modified by the department. And the evaluation is done on a weekly basis “.

But then what do the data referred to in the interception concern?

“The data that the Region transmits are those sent to the civil defense exclusively for statistical purposes, that is, to form that mask that we see every evening disseminated to the newspapers”.

So was there parallel accounting?

“Yes, which suffers from understandable organizational shortcomings. The death of a person who died from covid is not immediately noticed ”.

Let’s go to the interception on the “spread them”, referring to the dead covid

“Doctor Di Liberti communicates to the councilor that the data had arrived in the last 4 days, in total 7 deaths from coronavirus. At that point, the paradox is that if they had brought them all back in one day it would have been a false act because they were not the deaths of the last 24 hours. The commissioner did not say to make them disappear, but to spread them in the following days ”.

And the term “spread”?

“In our lexicon it is indicated to indicate the distribution over several days. Clearly this is done because if there are 7 deaths in the last 24 hours, an alarm is raised. Nor can we tell the Civil Protection why it did not send the data before ”.

Did the same thing happen to hospitalizations too? Razza said: “Let’s see … if anything, let’s hold a pike … let’s see … go …”.

“Yes, it happens everywhere because many times the data arrives late. Di Liberti herself urged each province to upload data as quickly as possible. What the magistrates have never specified is that there is a weekly accounting in which everything is aligned ”.

So you’re questioning the charges?

“There are no such charges. They did not bother to ascertain even the premise of what they said, namely that the data affected the determination of risk areas. Whether the Region is orange or red depends only on the data uploaded to the platform of the higher institute of health by the peripheral structures, ie the provincial ones, not on the data of the councilor ”.

In an interception, Di Liberti says that she found 140 dead “never press releases “

“The number of deaths is irrelevant in establishing the band to which the Region belongs. Statistically, those deaths had not been reported ”.

Di Liberti said to Razza: “Then on Tuesday… I’ll show you… they are all the positives… to be recovered… then we see them together, that’s fine”. “But how many are there?” Asked the commissioner. “A lot,” was the answer. What was he referring to? Were they new infections?

“They had not been accounted for and a realignment had to be done, again for statistical purposes”.

Another interception, we read in the documents that Razza was “annoyed” and would have spoken of the “failure of politics, we have not been able to protect ourselves, the shops that close, they can take it with us, we have not been able to make beds ? “.

“Ruggero is a serious person and was never happy, he put pressure on the managers. He increasingly demanded that the gap caused by years of inactivity be compensated, managing to guarantee the best conditions for the Sicilians. From this point of view, the theorem of the accusation falls. I think that in such a dramatic moment, certain judicial initiatives must be weighed and controlled with greater rigor ”.

In some wiretapping there is talk of “old deaths and never communicated”

“Exactly,” never communicated “. In order for a subject to have died of covid, certification from the coroner was required. It is clear that there have been significant delays. It was an Italian, European and world condition. I believe that not even in the most virtuous German Land has it been possible to align the data according to the causes of deaths in real time ”.

What are you going to do now?

“We did not want to respond to the magistrates of Trapani because once they have undressed themselves from the trial I do not understand in what capacity they would have wanted to hear it. Razza will respond to the Palermo magistrates, who represent the only body responsible for verifying the hypotheses ”

What will the next moves be?

“Probably the presentation of a memorandum to the Palermo prosecutor’s office and the willingness to be heard. But it will always remain a question. When the incompetence of the Prosecutor of Trapani matures, why do they continue to proceed and not send everything in advance to Palermo? ”.

How is the former councilor Razza going through these phases?

“Understandably prostrate, we are talking about a man, a boy, who lived the last months of his life to allow this Region to live in a condition as serene as possible despite the emergency. I remember what was done for vaccines and to organize everything, including health care. General Figliuolo himself congratulated a few days ago ”.

* Collaboration by Riccardo Lo Verso

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