Little girl saying ‘Glazie, plego’ in a school text, controversy

Controversy over some phrases that appeared in the language subsidiary ‘Leggermente plus’, published by Giunti Del Borgo and dedicated to children in the last grades of elementary school. In the textbook Lee, a little girl with oriental features, says “Thank you please”, ‘let’s plesto. The sentence is also added: “She never gets offended when we make fun of her.” The piece is extrapolated from another text, ‘Duccio and the monster of telepathic music’ by Paola Reggiani, published by Feltrinelli, as reported at the end of the text.

Lala Hu: “Retrograde Mindset”

The case was raised by Professor Lala Hu, who teaches at the Catholic University of Milan. “It is not the first time that educational texts for children represent a retrograde mentality, sometimes sexist and racist – writes the teacher on Twitter -. One cause may be the absence of diversity in the publishing sector. With this type of narration, we will continue to live off prejudice and discrimination “. Then, to those who report the publisher’s reply, she replies by asking: “If there may be stereotypes, is the content that is aimed at children reproduced anyway?”

The publisher’s reply

According to reports from the Corriere della Sera, Stefano Cassanelli, the publisher who published the book, admitted that “in the text there may be stereotypes about oriental culture”, but that the passage was included in the volume “as it is a child’s diary, and ours intent was to propose activities on the diary, in fact: we extrapolate pieces of literature that can help us understand the concepts relating to the literary genres presented. Now that someone, completely decontextualizing a sentence from the rest of the passage, can accuse us of apologizing for bullying, or of not having empathy for bullied children, as the teacher does, is unacceptable and offensive to me “.


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