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No yellow zones until April 30, Italy closed for a month: what happens after Easter and what the new Dpcm says

No yellow zones until April 30, Italy closed for a month: what happens after Easter and what the new Dpcm says
No yellow zones until April 30, Italy closed for a month: what happens after Easter and what the new Dpcm says
ROMA. In an attempt to tame him, Roberto Speranza invited him to the Ministry of Health yesterday morning for a coffee. «Matteo, don’t you understand? The situation is serious, it is no fun to force the Italians to make more sacrifices. It’s just a question of security. ” The Northern League leader remained on his own: “I understand everything, but the North Star must be the data, and if the data tells us that it is possible to introduce the yellow zone in some Region, then I expect you to do so”. In politics, compromises serve to make each of the contenders say that they were right, and this will happen late in the evening, after the council of ministers. The substance, however, leaves no room for imagination: the approved decree does not provide for the reintroduction of the yellow zones until 30 April. Should one or more Regions reach the necessary parameters, the government will evaluate whether to restore them on a case-by-case basis. There is no precise date, nor automatisms: little more than a political commitment.

Until the last moment, however, the Carroccio delegation tried to impose – unsuccessfully – a mechanism that would allow bars and restaurants to reopen this month. In council it was discussed a lot, at times with bright tones. Development Minister Giancarlo Giorgetti, forced against his will to the hard line imposed by the secretary, underlined how difficult the situation is for many businesses. Not only that: he asked to review an automatism that exists, namely the one that provides for entry into the red zone with 250 cases per week for every hundred thousand inhabitants, but which does not take into account the number of swabs made and therefore penalizes those who do more, in the North. On this he had the support of the ministers of Forza Italia, of Renziana Elena Bonetti, of the number one of the Regions, the Emilian Stefano Bonaccini: the technicians are looking for a solution. Massimo Garavaglia, who had to reopen the Ministry of Tourism in full pandemic, increased the dose by supporting the importance of planning summer openings, especially for sectors that otherwise will never restart, such as the trade fair. Draghi listened to everyone, nodded, and finally promised to talk about it again: “I’ll see you here once a week, we can discuss it once a week.”

Therefore, the prime minister has embraced the rigorist line of the Democratic Party and the Five Stars, starting from a premise that cannot be renounced for him: first of all to reopen the schools. A very delicate issue, because in no European country have they remained closed for as long as in Italy, and because some governors, fearing legal actions, did not want to take responsibility for doing so. For this reason, during the second Conte government, many kept closed beyond the due, even when commercial activities were still open. The decree brings the State back to center stage: article one writes that the Regions “cannot derogate” from the obligation to bring children back to the classroom up to sixth grade, not even in the red zone. In the council there was also discussion on this, because a too prescriptive rule would have introduced an excessive rigidity: what would happen if the infections in a certain province were to suddenly shoot upwards? And so Undersecretary Roberto Garofoli undertook to change the rule to exclude cases of “exceptional gravity”: the exact wording should be decided this morning. Second and third middle schools will also return to school, but only if their Region is among those at the orange level. The rules preceding the last block for high school apply: in teaching orange in attendance at 50 percent, and where possible up to 75 percent.”We have written a beautiful decree that looks to the future,” said Draghi at the end of the Council. “We have reopened the schools, the public competitions blocked by the pandemic are restarting, we have made the commitment to evaluate easing if conditions allow it.” In the first days at Palazzo Chigi, the premier was annoyed by Salvini’s unscrupulous public now – explains a minister who asks for anonymity – “he understood that they are part of the game”.

Draghi was and is convinced that he must take into account the needs of the economy, and for this reason he had asked the technicians to evaluate the introduction of a mechanism similar to that requested by Lega and Forza Italia. Between Monday and Tuesday at Palazzo Chigi nothing else was discussed. So the rigorist line prevailed, but it was imposed by the numbers on the unchanged strength of the English variant and the too many people in intensive care.

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