“After June 22, Rome must be commissioned. No to an electoral campaign paid for by the Romans”

The postponement of the next administrative elections from June to October draws an unprecedented scenario for the capital. Virginia Raggi will find herself struggling with a longer mandate than the norm. Calendar in hand, her five years expire on June 22, but the postponement gives her three months of government more. Everything is regular, but there are those who twist and ask to intervene with the commissioner. It is the UDC that launches the proposal through its Roman coordinator, Roberto Riccardi, supported by regional and national bodies.

This triggers the debate on the work of the pentastellate administration in the capital. A position that sees the centrist exponent skeptical about the stability of the majority in the Capitol and that leverages on election campaign that the mayor, according to the UDC, would be financing at the expense of the administration. “Today the Rays – continues the centrist exponent – he has more consultants on his side than advisers and we do not consider it right and appropriate that for his electoral campaign he can have means, tools and consultants paid with the money of the Romans. Recall that Virginia Raggi has beaten all records for the total cost of the staff: 6.5 million both in 2020 and in 2021. These numbers make those of when Ignazio Marino and Gianni Alemanno were there, who spent 1.2 respectively millions and 500,000 euros less, according to the figures pitted at the time by the grillini “.

The costs of the election campaign and the stop of investments

A commissioner also wanted on the basis of administrative choices of the mayor Raggi not shared by the UDC and defined as bankruptcy. The stop of investments and city neglect also linked to waste management, a management according to the party, would lay the foundations for the request for a commissioner. “Zero investments, zero future. This is the synthesis of the Raggi government. Not even the management of ordinary administration was up to the expectations of those who voted for it in 2016.– the senator stated in a note Antonio Saccone, regional secretary of the UDC for Lazio. –There is no care for greenery, we are witnessing the total absence of a structural plan for the collection and disposal of waste, the roads continue to be bumpy except for a few tweaks here and there in make-up style and above all the citizens have the clear perception of absence of a guide from the capital. Raggi has replaced 15 councilors in 5 years, this testifies to the profound crisis of the Capitoline government 5 star rating-concludes Saccone –Soon the Roman citizens will express themselves on the grillina junta, but our city coordinator is right: in the meantime, proceed to the city commissioner at the end of the natural mandate of the syndicate, next June, in order to avoid further damage by the Rays “.

On the possible extension of the Rays junta

The health emergency affects the electoral calendar, thus shifting the time for the election of the new Capitoline mayor, “There are no minimum conditions to extend this city government”, to say it is the Roman senator UDC Paola Binetti which also speaks of the numerous inefficiencies of the city and sees in commissioner a useful time for a positive restart in September. “Extending the life of the Raggi junta, after the multiplication of the flops of these years in every field, would not be correct. Add a last-minute election spot time- conclude- to make us forget the chaos of city life that we have suffered so much and the loss of dignity of a city that, as the ancients sang, was and remains Caput mundi. Commissioner the city it means creating a time and a space for decantation to restart in September with new impetus and new Hope and with a new mayor “


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