“Island of the Famous”, Drusilla and Daniela Martani in nomination

GASCOIGNE RETURNS TO THE GAME – Nobody can put Paul Gascoigne on the bench who returns to the Palapa with a bandaged hand and joins his teammates. With two rules: he will not be able to participate in games and he will be able to sleep on the cot. The castaways all agree. But no one will be able to approach the cot. “I missed all the boys, in these groups I was able to eat a lot of things that are forbidden to them and I felt guilty”, he explains.

AWED APOLOGIZES – Awed apologizes to his teammates: “In this week I have been able to reflect a lot and I’m here to apologize.” But many are not convinced of the repentance. “When he realized he was alone he changed direction, if Vera had remained he would not have rejoined the group”, says Roberto. Francesca wants to give him another chance: “But if his malicious accomplice had been there, would he have retraced his steps?”. For Elisa, on the other hand, we must trust and welcome him.

DANIELA AND THE FOOD DISPUTE – Martani is vegan and does not eat fish, so she asked her companions to be able to eat more rice. Persia does not agree. And the controversy explodes. Daniela defends herself: “It’s not a whim if I don’t eat meat or fish, I found Gilles’ attack shameful for having eaten a little more coconut”. Iva Zanicchi intervenes asking the boys to be more lenient with the shipwrecked woman. Gilles wins the challenge with Awed and wins a bar of milk chocolate, which Martani cannot eat and neither is Braga being intolerant. Miyrea also wins the chocolate bar. In the reward test they luckily manage to get 4 slices of pizza after knocking down 4 targets.

NEW ENTRY IN PALAPA – Fariba and Ubaldo finally arrive in Palapa and become official castaways. Even if the companions do not prey on it well. Elisa widens her eyes but does not want to express herself. Daniela admits she doesn’t know the chromatologist. “You will have time to do it”, Ilary intervenes. Meanwhile, Brando Giorgi (who won the flash televoting against Vera) is back in the game to everyone’s amazement. The Gem goes around the Island and discovers that the Parasite has been named Esperanza. Blasi asks her if she feels like living alone on the island. She thinks about it for a while and after a confrontation with her partner Jeda who reminds her of the promise to never give up, she accepts the challenge. Miryea joins her as soon as she is eliminated and agrees to stay.

THE DESIRE OF CERIOLI – Andrea Cerioli does not hide the desire to become a father. “I would like to have a sissy that with fathers are generally more tender, with my son I would behave as my mother did with me”, he says in tears. In the studio his partner invites him to face this adventure more strongly while Blasi snatches a promise. “If she is born female, call her Ilary”.

THE LEADER TEST – The leading trial is renamed the Honduran snake. In a tub of sand, tied with their hands behind their backs, the castaways must advance the ball with their heads only, crawling. The women start and Francesca wins. For men it is Gilles. In the test of fire, it is the Lodo that wins the game and becomes a leader and therefore immune.

THE APPOINTMENT – The leader and Paul cannot be named. We start with Drusilla who already has a vow received from Miryea through Judas’ kiss. Valentina appoints Drusilla, Awed appoints Daniela. Angela: appoints Drusilla who votes for Roberto who names Awed. Gilles votes for Daniela who appoints him in turn. Elisa votes for Gilles, Cerioli appoints Daniela and lastly Braida appoints Drusilla. Drusilla is the nominated by the group, Lodo sends Martani to televoting.

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