Vaccines, alarm from the Regions: few doses, risk of stop. But Figliuolo reassures: new arrivals-

Vaccines, alarm from the Regions: few doses, risk of stop. But Figliuolo reassures: new arrivals-
Vaccines, alarm from the Regions: few doses, risk of stop. But Figliuolo reassures: new arrivals-

According to the latest decree on Covid, in the event of a sharp decline in infections and if the vaccine plan is respected, reopening in the Regions may be considered. Yes, but the vaccine plan is a nebula, a mass of shaky figures that change every day and that depend not only on the capabilities of the Regions but also on the availability of vaccines, with companies often delaying deliveries and blowing up all programs. . This is why some Regions, such as Veneto, Lazio, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Umbria, Puglia and Veneto sound the alarm and announce the suspension of the campaign: “We have run out of doses”. And for this reason the Campania president Vincenzo De Luca vented: «It would be good for the government to stop giving dates. Let’s be quiet, let’s talk about things when they are realized ». Instead, the extraordinary commissioner for the Covid emergency, General Francesco Paolo Figliuolo, reassures us: «Very soon we will have a high availability of vaccines. We will give breath to the trumpets ».

The delays of the Regions

In this month, 8 million doses are expected to arrive, in addition to those arrived in recent days. But times are uncertain. An additional 7.31 million doses of the single-dose drug J&J will arrive in the quarter, but it is not known when. The regions are not particularly late: the average administration is 84 per cent of the available doses. At the bottom of the ranking are Calabria (81.1 percent) and Sardinia (83.2). Another discourse on over 80. In that case the percentages fluctuate. Lombardy has had a thousand problems with its Aria portal, and vaccinations for the 75-79 age group will only begin on 12 April.

Covid and vaccines: insights

The situation in Lazio

«Today little or nothing is vaccinated, only the calls – says the Venetian president Luca Zaia disconsolately – We only have Pfizer in stock. The remaining 83 thousand doses will be used and by Sunday they will end. “” My dream – says the regional councilor of Lazio Alessio D’Amato – is to vaccinate 80% of the population by mid-August, excluding 0-16 years who are not subjected to vaccination “. Lazio currently travels at a rate of 25,000 vaccinations per day. The goal is to reach 50-60,000 per day, about 1.8 million per month, to complete the target of 4 million by the summer. But waiting for vaccines slows everything down. A dowry of 122,000 Astrazenecas was expected by March 29, but has not been seen. If it arrives by Saturday, it resumes, otherwise the hubs have to close. Of the 25,000, 7-8,000 vaccines are Astrazeneca, the other Pfizer and, to a lesser extent, Moderna. There are 120 hubs, all single-brand, with 35 reserved for Astrazeneca.
President Nicola Zingaretti has announced that from 20 April pharmacies will vaccinate the 55-60 age group with J&J, the single-dose drug. The problem is that, according to the Region, it is not known how many doses will arrive and when. Lazio weighs 10 per cent on the national territory, with its 6 million interested citizens. There are 1000 pharmacies ready to administer. But to go on, you need vials.

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