“The first test in Italy at the Fabrique at the end of May”

“The first test in Italy at the Fabrique at the end of May”
“The first test in Italy at the Fabrique at the end of May”

Milano back in dance club. At the end of May, al Made, the first test event in Italy for the reopening of indoor venues and clubs could take place. The protocol Covid created by the sector associations SILB, CFC, ADJ and SILS, it was illustrated to the mayor of Milan Beppe Sala by the entrepreneur Stefano Melis and by the manager Gianluigi Ottomeni. Sala has approved the guidelines and is willing to deploy all the forces necessary to support the complex organization of the social experiment. Target: planning the reopening of indoor clubs.

The statement – Sala writes about Facebook that the proposal was “submitted to the Government and the CTS, because the world of musical entertainment, as well as that of entertainment and culture, must be able to restart quickly and above all in safety”. Milan is not the first city to take the test. “Several European cities have already experimented with the restart of Covid-free appointments, with good results. Milan is ready to test itself and demonstrate that it can reopen to concerts and entertainment and cultural events in compliance with the rules. We have worked hard to arrive at this proposal. And we will do what we can to make it happen. Milan wants to reopen to young people the possibility of being together in a conscious and correct way. That is, in safety ».

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