Milan, Minister Orlando and Councilor Tajani inaugurate the kitchen labs of the San Giusto Center | Milan

Milan, Minister Orlando and Councilor Tajani inaugurate the kitchen labs of the San Giusto Center | Milan
Milan, Minister Orlando and Councilor Tajani inaugurate the kitchen labs of the San Giusto Center | Milan

Milan, the Municipality invests in the training of fragile children to guarantee a solidarity recovery in the name of work and employment after the Covid-19 emergency. The new cooking workshops of the San Giusto Training and Work Center managed by the municipal administration were inaugurated this morning by the Minister of Labor and Social Policies Andrea Orlando and by the Councilor for Labor, Productive Activities and Commerce Policies Cristina Tajani. via San Giusto 65.
“Thanks to these new cooking workshops, completely renovated with European resources – explained the councilor Tajani -, we add a flagship to a training structure that over the years has been able to develop an original model of training and job placement. , based on the close interconnection between the business system and social services, particularly effective for the most vulnerable people. The experience of San Giusto can represent a reference model in active employment policies, the result of the historic investment of the Municipality of Milan in civic schools ”.

The renovation of the kitchen workshops was made possible thanks to the resources of the Pon Metro plan with an investment of over 100 thousand euros; at the same time, with the Administration’s own resources, the facilities serving the laboratory were upgraded and brought up to standard.
Each year the San Giusto Center welcomes about a hundred young people between those who attend professional courses and those who are in charge of the Work Desk, who are offered training courses built on the needs and potential of the individual (technical training and soft-skills) and actions of active policies to facilitate the approach and integration into the world of work even for people who have some more difficulties.
Most of the attending students are initiated to work thanks to specific training plans, tailored to the needs of each and in synergy with local authorities, associations and businesses. The results are more than satisfactory: the initial work placements are transformed, for 98%, into stable employment contracts.
The training offer, which ranges from tailoring to paper converting to crafts, through carpentry and flower nursery, as well as administrative training and training for catering services for bars, pastry shops and restaurants, is formulated according to a pedagogical model of didactic active in a structured context as a school-company. A model that allows to favor the socio-working integration of students through continuous laboratory training. The laboratories, in fact, are real workshops where you can experiment with tasks and produce artifacts, under the careful guidance of the teachers.

The teaching activity is divided into three levels. Basic training, that is a two-year course, which can be followed by a year of specialization course, in which activities are provided for the acquisition of practical technical skills and knowledge, personal, social and transversal work skills. Specialization training, an annual course that the student chooses based on his area of ​​interest (catering, tailoring, large-scale distribution, etc.). During this year the student is accompanied to the acquisition of specific knowledge of the world of work as well as internships in companies and realities that turn to the Center to train the staff to be included in their staff. At the end, a vocational training course consisting of courses of variable duration (50, 100 and 200 hours) in which students are supported in learning soft-skills and competences aimed at the job profile of the individual boy. All the professionals who are trained in the Center are in line with the demand of the companies. Students who are properly followed are immediately oriented towards job placement.
The San Giusto Center is also one of the Labor Offices of the Municipality of Milan and integrates its activity by offering courses to approach work to all those who are in a condition of unemployment or unemployment or are in possession of invalidity certification (Law 68 / 99) and with registration on the placement lists.
The dual soul of the San Giusto Center as an accredited Employment Center and Training Center makes networking and working in synergy with various public and private citizens such as: Lombardy Region, different directions of the Municipality of Milan, Metropolitan City, INAIL, Representations vital. Trade Unions, Catholic University, Bocconi, Bicocca and Bergamo University, ANMIL, CELAV Labor mediation center of the Municipality of Milan as well as the many companies and production realities present in the city area.

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