Milan puts itself to the test. Indoor testing with the public

Milan puts itself to the test. Indoor testing with the public
Milan puts itself to the test. Indoor testing with the public

Milan like Liverpool, Amsterdam and Barcelona. At the end of the month, the city is preparing to dance again. This is the goal of the pilot experiment organized in concert with the administration to see what effect letting two thousand boys with masks (but without distancing) “guaranteed” by a green pass or negative swab, vaccination certificate or recovery certificate have to dance indoors from covid. Milan is leading the way – the test is set for the last weekend of May, then it should be repeated in Gallipoli on 5 June, but outdoors – for the restart of the discos and dance clubs also indoors, waiting for the Council of Ministers decides the stages of the progressive reopening. «In consolle», the owners of the Fabrique, one of the largest concert and dance spaces in the city, in the Mecenate area, and the mayor Beppe Sala, who supported the initiative. «The proposal was presented to me by the sector associations in two very useful meetings; I decided to support it, after having interested the Prefect – he says -. We have submitted it to the Government and to the CTS, because the world of musical entertainment, as well as that of entertainment and culture, must be able to start again quickly and above all in safety. Several European cities – explains Sala – have already experimented with the restart of Covid-free appointments, with good results. Milan is ready to test itself and demonstrate that it can reopen to concerts and entertainment and cultural events in compliance with the rules ». Objective: «To reopen to young people the possibility of being together in a conscious and correct way. That is, in safety, ”concludes the mayor. The test will involve 5 thousand children, divided into the two evenings of Friday and Saturday, if it is successful the goal is to return to dance “indoors” in October.

In the meantime, the ticketing companies are developing online platforms that allow you to book events and be eventually tracked down, as happened with Ticketone at the Foro Italico for the Internazionali Bnl D’Italia tournament, the first sporting event to reopen its doors to the public .

Rehearsals for a return to a normal life: on April 26, cinemas and theaters reopened, albeit with reduced capacity and the obligation to lower the curtain by 10pm, and the exhibitions, which can be visited by appointment even on weekends. Not only culture but also sport: Sunday the “baptism” of running, with the Generali Milan Marathon which saw 123 athletes compete, while yesterday the Milan Sport courses in fitness, swimming and open air tennis reopened.

If the Council of Ministers confirms the calendar on May 24, indoor activities such as gyms should reopen, while the indoor halls of restaurants should reopen on June 1. From mid-June instead parties and weddings, as well as fairs and conferences.


Milan puts test Indoor testing public

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