Isola dei Famosi, sudden illness for a castaway: its conditions

Twist at the end of the daytime of the Island of the Famous where a competitor was hit by a sudden illness.

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Tonight, Monday 17 May, the eighteenth episode of the program will be broadcast, which is constantly keeping many Italians glued to the screen. The millions of viewers will wonder what awaits them in the first weekly appointment of theIsland of the Famous but, a few hours before the live show, a competitor was struck by a sudden illness. Let’s find out the details of what happened and its conditions.

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Isola dei Famosi, sudden illness for a castaway: its conditions

Island of the Famous (Instagram photo)

A few hours before the live broadcast today, Monday 17 May, at the end of the daytime of the Isola dei Famosi Valentina Persia fell ill. For the castaway, the intervention of the doctor was requested, who immediately rushed to her to help her. But what happened?

In the confessional Valentina Persia admitted that she had a faint probably due to the great hunger and fatigue of the last few days: “While I was taking the bait, tiredness and hunger pulled a bad joke on me”. The worst has passed and by now this episode, luckily, has ended up in the album of the artist’s bad memories who, before the arrival of the doctor, had been rescued by Fariba Tehrani.

Giulia Salemi’s mother tried to help her, however, causing real chaos to break out among the castaways. On the one hand, Rosaria who immediately scolded her and ordered her to leave. On the other, Angela Melillo who sided with him. “Fariba wanted to do something to feel useful, but he said several times things that at that moment seemed to be out of place…”.


Isola dei Famosi sudden illness castaway conditions

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