eight hubs to the sea, here is the plan for the summer in Lazio

eight hubs to the sea, here is the plan for the summer in Lazio
eight hubs to the sea, here is the plan for the summer in Lazio

A third of vaccinations more than expected. The two-day open day just ended was such a success that the councilor for health, Alessio D’Amato, not only has it decided to extend them to the whole summer (the next will be already at the weekend): it wants to extend this mode permanently also to the administration centers, which the Region intends to set up on the coastal areas.

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The budget – Meeting the press yesterday together with the president Nicola Zingaretti, D’Amato explained that, on the wave of open days for the over 40s, “in the last three days we have made a total of 158,276 administrations, of which 22 thousand in the open day: 26 percent more than the target indicated by the structure commissioner ». The doses of AstraZeneca extraordinary for forty-year-olds – for some of them, 48 and 49-year-olds, ordinary bookings opened tonight on the portal SaluteLazio.it – they acted as a driving force to push more people to get immunized. A lever to be encouraged according to via Cristoforo Colombo, where we work to “protect” the younger population groups, who unlike the elderly are more resistant to the need to get vaccinated quickly, even to avoid ruining their holidays. With this in mind, the Region is ready to “chase them”, to inaugurate administration centers even in holiday resorts. They could also inject the drug to tourists, who choose Lazio.

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Councilor D’Amato is finalizing an ad hoc plan: he wants to launch at least 4 new hubs on the sea by the second half of July, two on North coast and two on the South, and strengthen the existing ones. On the first side we are looking for locations near the beaches of Montalto di Castro and of Santa Marinella, on the southern one it has already been decided that they will be a Sabaudia e San Felice al Circeo. At the same time, the existing centers will be strengthened a Santa Severa, Ladispoli, Formia-Gianola e Terracina. Mainly these structures will provide the second dose, but to facilitate the booking, methods are being studied that follow those used for the open days: the appointment will also be fixed through theUStart application which reduces the queues because it indicates time slots in which to show up and gives real-time information on free slots. Even at night, with activity beyond 8pm. All vaccines will be used (to define the target of the injections he expects to understand how the campaign will go in June), although in the past D’Amato explained that it would facilitate the choice of young the single-dose Johnson&Johnson.

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But who will be able to go to the summer hubs? First of all, Lazio on vacation, including domiciled and non-residents, regardless of age. But the Region does not rule out “immunizing” even those who come on holiday to Formia or Santa Marinella from other regions. But to do this, the government needs, on the one hand, to make the exchange of information between the various regional health files operational and, on the other, to guarantee the territories that immunize those who live elsewhere to “return” the doses used to them. . “We have already vaccinated 63 thousand non-residents in Lazio – notes D’Amato – But of those 63 thousand vials, so far, we have not seen anything back”.

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