Rome, the balance of the week of the Police on trains and railway stations | Milan

Rome, the balance of the week of the Police on trains and railway stations | Milan
Rome, the balance of the week of the Police on trains and railway stations | Milan

Rome, 18 arrested, 242 under investigation and 79,219 people controlled: this is the balance of the checks in the last week of the Railway Police. 4,887 patrols engaged in the station and 834 aboard 1,755 trains. 265 anti-pocketing services and 146 high penalties. 30 unaccompanied minors traced and entrusted to families or communities; 56 foreign citizens caught in an irregular position.

From 30 April to 6 May, a week of extraordinary checks was carried out in the field of rail transport of dangerous goods. 78 checks carried out, 696 number of wagons inspected, 18 high complaints, 76,000 the total amount of penalties applied.

Controls intensified also thanks to the “Red Gold” operation, organized on 11 May last throughout the national territory for the fight against the phenomenon of copper theft in the railway sector. The activity involved the overall use of 660 operators and resulted in approximately 2,265 people checked, 10 people under investigation, 288 checks at scrap yards, 135 patrol services along the line, 73 on the road, 49 high penalties for a total sum of 30,844 euros.

In particular, among those arrested, a 26-year-old Nigerian citizen, in the Bolzano station, because he was wanted for violation of drug laws by the local judicial authority. The check in the database revealed that the foreigner was wanted, having to serve 2 years, 7 months and 25 days in prison and pay a fine of 14,000 euros, following a restrictive measure issued by the Public Prosecutor of Bolzano.

In Brescia he was arrested by Polfer agents, assisted by the staff of the “Carmine” PS Commissariat, a 29-year-old Somali citizen for attempted murder of a fellow countryman. The agents intervened after being warned by some travelers of the presence of a seriously injured man in the square in front of the train station. From the first investigations it emerged that the two Somalis had a quarrel for futile reasons, when one of the two, after having extracted a kitchen knife from his pouch, repeatedly hit the blunt instrument with various blows both in the throat and in other parts of the body, fleeing soon after. The agents tracked him down, not far from the scene of the crime and found still in possession of the knife used for the attack. The injured was admitted to the Spedali Civili, not in danger of life.

In Milano Centrale, Polfer agents have 36-year-old Moroccan citizen arrested for aggravated theft. The policemen, engaged in an anti-theft service in civilian clothes, noticed a man who paid particular attention to the luggage of travelers and, after approaching one of them, took advantage of his distraction and took possession of a briefcase like 24 hours that the victim had placed on the ground. The thief tried to get away but was stopped by the cops. The victim, unaware of what happened, returned to possession of the bag. During the investigations, the foreigner was found in possession of a wallet containing documents in the name of an Italian citizen who, contacted by telephone, had not realized that he had been robbed.

The agents of the Polfer of Pisa have a 39-year-old Tunisian citizen was arrested for very serious injuries and abusive carrying of arms who, brandishing a 15 cm long knife, seriously injured a 29-year-old compatriot, hitting him at the shoulder blade. The dispute seems to have arisen from the dispute over a small sum of money. The policemen, attracted by the screams of the ticket office, rushed to the place to find the two foreigners while they physically confronted each other. The attacker, immediately disarmed, was arrested while the victim was transported to the local hospital for treatment.

Three people denounced by the agents of the Naples Railway Police for illegal waste management and receiving stolen goods. Polfer staff entered an area illegally used as a deposit for ferrous waste, in Cardito, equipped with all the necessary equipment for the processing of ferrous waste. The area on which the warehouse was built, the equipment and the waste were seized.

The activity of the Polfer trainers involved in the “Train … to be cool” railway legality education project. The initiative born in 2014, is promoted by the Railway Police Service of the Ministry of the Interior, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and with the scientific validation of the Faculty of Medicine and Psychology of the University of Rome La Sapienza, has as its objective the dissemination of the culture of safety in the railway sector. In Alessandria, the first face-to-face meeting was held with the fifth classes of the Ferrero and Zanzi primary schools. In Bologna, at the Comprehensive Institute n. 6, two meetings were held for pupils of various classes, from the first to the fifth at the Ercolani Primary School. The purpose of the initiative is to illustrate the aspects related to safety, also stimulating children’s awareness of the risks present in the railway scenario and spreading the culture of legality among them, sensitizing them to adopt responsible behavior.

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