Serie B, Cittadella with one foot in the play off final: Monza knocked out 3-0

Serie B, Cittadella with one foot in the play off final: Monza knocked out 3-0
Serie B, Cittadella with one foot in the play off final: Monza knocked out 3-0

CITADEL – Convincing and above all very precious victory of Citadel who beat Monza 3-0 in thegone of the play-off semifinal and puts a serious risk on reaching the final. In fact, in race 2 the team of Brocchi he will have to win by at least 3 goals to win the last act. Hero of the day, the grenade Baldini, author of all three goals of Venturato’s team: two in the first half, one in the second half

Baldini, one-two deadly

The match is immediately balanced, until at 10 ‘the Monza is not seen to cancel the goal of Diaw due to the ball going over the line during a corner scrum of Barberis. At 13 ‘the Citadel takes the lead: cross, from the right trocar, of Vita for insertion on the second pole of Baldini and beaten on the fly of the latter who gives no escape to By Gregorio; at 14 ‘on Monza is forced to change the injured person Scoop with Scale. Al 22′ Baldini finds the brace and the doubling for his team: throw of the goalkeeper Cranberries for the center forward, who hooks the ball on the left side of the penalty area before dribbling Bettella and electrocute the goalkeeper with a powerful and precise shot. At 28 ‘the Citadel make your first change by inserting Perticone per Friar before Cranberries you find yourself having to thwart two dangers (at 33 ‘and 35’) coming from barberis e Diaw while By Gregorio denies the joy of the goal a Donnarumma at 36 ‘. In the second half, again Castrai oppose the conclusion on the first post of Sampirisi when we are at 49 ‘.

In the second half, Baldini again

At the beginning of the second half, at 10 ‘, the Cittadella tries with Tsadjout: good his insertion in the area, reactive Pirola to close it allowing the goalkeeper to take it By Gregorio. At 16 ‘the same Tsadjout fails, in a slip, to reach the appointment with the ball on the suggestion of White. The Citadel leaves the initiative to the team of Brocchi which, however, is often imprecise in the passages: to see a dangerous action of the Monza waits until 27 ‘when Scale, from the left-handed lane, puts a ball to the head of Mota Carvalho, who finds the goalkeeper promptly rejected Cranberries; on the rebound it bursts Frattesi which however shoots sensationally high. Monza tries to reduce the deficit: at 32 ‘Frattesi serves Carlos Augusto on which the defense of the Cittadella manages to unravel not without worries. But Baldini is the hero of the day: at 40 ‘great work by Donnarumma wedged into the area from the left and after having evaded Bettella, kick in the door where By Gregorio rejects, but Baldini pounces on the ball and signs the hat-trick. Last assaults guests with a free-kick from Balotelli (42 ‘, easy for Kastrati despite the power) and Barberis (46’, on the bottom)

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