Venice-Lecce 1-0: the chronicle. Forte makes Zanetti rejoice but worries about the lack of attack by the Giallorossi


Venezia wins the first leg of the playoff semifinal against Lecce thanks to a goal from the center forward, who returns to score on play after four months. The victory of measure rewards the greater freshness of the game of the hosts, who in the first half put the Corini team on the ropes already at the start. Gabriel saves on Forte after two occasions by Modolo and, on the other hand, there is no real danger for Maempaa. At the beginning of the second half, Maleh draws a blind assist for the Shark, which signs the advantage and seals the greater tone of the lagoons. Lecce’s response never arrives and, except for periods of possession without real conclusions towards the goal, there is little to report. The Giallorossi prefer to limit the damage and think about the second leg: to pass “a victory will be enough”, but there is a lot to change the register when it comes to attack.


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VeniceLecce chronicle Forte Zanetti rejoice worries lack attack Giallorossi

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