«A riveder le stelle», celebrating the poet Dante with the rock readings of Pelù- Corriere.it

«A riveder le stelle», celebrating the poet Dante with the rock readings of Pelù- Corriere.it
«A riveder le stelle», celebrating the poet Dante with the rock readings of Pelù- Corriere.it

FLORENCE Dante political, Dante poet of humanity, Dante rock. The first is the territory of Aldo Cazzullo. The second of Piero Pelù. In between is the meeting point: lo writer and journalist of “Courier service” and the founder of Litfiba they will tell the great poet in the show “To see the stars again”.

The idea is to tie a theatrical story entrusted to Cazzullo, and inspired by his eponymous publishing success, at readings of songs it’s a Musical hell di Pelù: a tour that debuts on 7 June in piazza Santa Croce a Florence (which will then be broadcast on Rai3) and that later will turn in the squares.

A friendship, the one between the protagonists, born from a chance encounter by train, in-depth on columns of the journaland in the meetings between interviewer and interviewee, and the spark of the show which was launched last year at the Florentine presentation of the journalist’s volume. «I thought of Piero not only because he was Florentine, but because he is free and courageous artist: I remember his positions versus the war in Kosovo, wanted by a government of the left but also supported by the right, yours environmental campaigns and those against violence on women. It takes a lot of intellectual courage and freedom to immerse yourself in Dante, one who sent the Popes and the powerful of the time to Hell, a angry voice and outraged by the divisions of Italy, but also full of pity and able to hear all the pain of the world », argues Cazzullo.

The rocker describes the balance between the two protagonists on stage as follows: «We are a two-headed monster. Aldo represents the rational part, I that totally irrational. Two sides of the same coin and I hope this will help you get closer to written page o al oral story also a new generation accustomed to the images imposed by smartphone screen».

Dante, is one of the cornerstones of the writer’s volume, he invented Italy. “He’s our dad. Italy it does not arise from war or politics, but from beauty and from culture, was born in Florence and comes from Dante’s verses who is the inventor of the expression Bel Paese. For him, Italy has a mission: to conciliate classicism e Christianity, from there the humanist culture, a reason that still makes our country important in the world today ». One would also be needed today … «In the Dante we know as literary father e even the national soul is already enclosed everything – the singer-songwriter intervenes -: it is a question of reinterpreting and updating it. Today we are surrounded by hells: what is happening in Gaza, the number of femicides, homophobia, deaths at work ».

To hear his voice saying “Abandon all hope, you who enter »the shivers come. «I will read interpreting according to one of my scores: it is a musical text», And shows an annotated edition of theInferno, full of colorful bookmarks and pencil notes. Nello show, directed by Angelo Generali, there will also be music: “The Neverland” by Bennato to tie himself to the story of Ulysses, “Picnic in hell” by the rocker and there is no need for explanations, and “Poor country” di Battiato to act as a counterpoint to the “Ouch serva Italy, of pain hostel »with which Alighieri beat the leadership since then.

We all want to see the stars again: «A sign of restart, we all need to start over stay together – hopes Cazzullo -. Dante also tells of one pandemic which were then painful habits. The generation following Dante was wiped out by the black fish and the next one will give life to the miracle of Renaissance. Let’s not talk about the second Renaissance that brings bad luck, but let’s say that being Italian it’s not bad luck but aopportunity it’s a responsibility and that this time too we will make it ».

But who had the best grades at school? «I was studying only the songs about which I had to be questioned », remembers Cazzullo. “I saved thegraduation exam – says Pelù – thanks to a song of Heaven».

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riveder stelle celebrating poet Dante rock readings Pelù Corriereit

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