No to cars because Sala wants “artificial” traffic that is only harmful

So it is if you like and the Word of the cycle paths was realized. And no matter what “artificial” traffic it has created, how much “ignorance” it has demonstrated by not taking into account the complexity and needs of a city dedicated to work, because the ideological vision of a careless environmentalism that damages the environment itself seems essential for this city .

Giorgio Goggi, former city planning councilor with Albertini, declared, “In the naive presumption of reducing mobility, a complete overturning of the consolidated international technique has been made, which requires zones 30 and cycle paths to be placed in the neighborhood streets, leaving the inter-district streets and between the cities fluidized. Instead, they were placed on the main breakwaters, reducing the gauges useful for access movements.”

The opinion of those who deal with traffic for work are worried “In recent years, frankly, we have become accustomed to seeing them in all colors and in all possible formats. I’m talking about “renderings”, those that simplify are reconstructions in computer graphics of how some areas of the city, its streets, parks and everything from theory will become one day and one day should become practical in the Milan of tomorrow “. This was declared by Emilio Boccalini, president of Taxiblu 02.4040, the largest Radiotaxi in Milan. “It is a pity – he continues – that in none of these projections of the future city that will be well explained or even only hypothesized what will happen to the cars, the parking lots destined for them or even just the streets where they will circulate. We constantly see wonderful green spaces, crossed by endless cycle paths, deviated or pedestrianized roads but the cars in the future conception will probably disappear from the city or maybe they will fly? Because, instead, returning with our feet on the ground, already today Milan suffers from a traffic that, due to closures and narrowings, is increasingly concentrated in the few junctions still circulating and the traffic certainly increases and does not disappear if not only “on paper” of the renderings. “.

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