Atm the first 90 years: exhibition and special ticket

On May 22, 1931 the company was founded: a campaign with 6 celebratory shots

Atm the first 90 years: exhibition and special ticket An open-air exhibition tells the change in public transport with two black and white photographs, owned by the ATM historical archive, and four contemporary ones. To celebrate this special anniversary, an ordinary celebratory ticket, zone M1-M3, will also be issued and will be sold until Saturday 30 May. “The Company – writes Atm in a note – wants to thank all its people who are at the service of the city and that make Milan move. Even in the most difficult moments, in the years of war and reconstruction, such as during this health emergency, ATM has never ceased to be at the service of citizens and has been a constant presence in the phases of great changes: it has been in the past, it is now and it will be in the future ”.


Atm years exhibition special ticket

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