New decree, Italy towards normality, curfew from 11pm tomorrow, white zone in six regions

As he had promised, Mario Draghi continues the “gradual path, based on reasoned risk, of an Italy that reopens”. Despite the tantrums of Matteo Salvini, the prime minister once again relies on “the evidence of objective data” and draws up a time schedule which, thanks to the “graduality”, will allow “to evaluate sector by sector the effects of reopening on infections”, with the (now remote) possibility of adopting restrictions during the race.

The new road map moves the curfew in three steps. From tomorrow it passes at 11pm, to then be postponed to midnight from 7 June and definitively canceled from 21 June, the summer solstice. The opening hours of open-air bars and restaurants will follow the timing of the slip and then the abolition of “everyone at home”. On the other hand, the indoor venues will have to wait as established on 1 June, but the initially prohibited evening opening will also be granted.

Responsible summer / But the real battle is not yet won – by Mario Ajello

But the biggest news are the “White Regions”, where only the rules of behavior will apply: distance and the obligation to wear masks outdoors and in public places. All other restrictions are removed. From 1 June Friuli Venezia Giulia, Molise and Sardinia will be “white”, from 7 June also Abruzzo, Veneto and Liguria. And others will follow in the following weeks. Not only that: to convince the undecided to get vaccinated, the government has decided to link the participation of citizens in numerous activities (and their restart) to the vaccination steps.

Draghi opened the control room with ministers Daniele Franco (Economics), Roberto Speranza (Health), Giancarlo Giorgetti (Development), Stefano Patuanelli (Agriculture), Dario Franceschini (Culture), Mariastella Gelmini (Regions), Elena Bonetti (Family ) and the undersecretary Roberto Garofoli with the reports of the coordinator and the spokesperson of the Cts Franco Locatelli and Silvio Brusaferro. And, above all, to avoid possible ambushes by the League (as happened at the end of April, when the Northern League abstained after having said yes a few days earlier in the control room), the premier immediately summoned the Council of Ministers to pass the decree.

Locatelli illustrated the progress of the vaccination plan, reporting the “Nature” study with the drop in deaths and hospitalizations in intensive care: «From the 3,600 seriously ill patients on April 3, we have gone to 1,779 today. In addition, deaths have dropped significantly and after the first dose there is a strong immunization ». Brusaferro, on the other hand, illustrated the novelty of the “white areas”, describing “an encouraging picture” and “a decidedly improved scenario thanks to vaccines and containment measures”.

Having concluded the illustration of the data, Draghi put on the table the time schedule that he had prepared in the previous days with the contribution of the competent ministers, Hope in the first place. This plan, despite Giorgetti’s attempt to immediately bring the curfew to midnight, was unanimously approved.

In spite of the requests of Lega and Forza Italia who wanted to anticipate the restart, the date of 1 June remains. But the opening, which also concerns the possibility of having coffee at the counter, will also take place in the evening: initially the limit of 6 pm was set. The center-right did not break through even on the front of discos and dance halls: these activities remain suspended (even outdoors). But the forerunner Gelmini has obtained that in the next “support decree” “additional aid” will be provided.

As requested by the Regions, the famous Rt index is downsized. The decree establishes that the red, orange, yellow and red areas will be decided mainly on the basis of the incidence (the weekly number of positives per 100 thousand inhabitants) and the hospitalization rate, both in intensive care and in the medical area. In addition, the total parameters drop from 21 to 12.

From 15 June it will be possible to organize lunches, refreshments and wedding parties, baptisms, confirmations, etc. To access it you will need to have the vaccination certificate, or that of healing or a negative swab taken in the previous 48 hours. It will be the CTS to give indications on the maximum number of participants, “modulating the indications according to whether the parties are held indoors or outdoors”.

From next weekend, as planned, shopping centers, outlets, markets and galleries will be able to reopen. The go-ahead is then brought forward to June 15 (initially scheduled for July 1) for theme and amusement parks. The cultural, social and recreational centers, on the other hand, will have to wait until July 1st, such as arcades, bingo, betting and casinos.

The gyms will be able to restart the activity on May 24th, in advance of the previous deadline of June 1st. Furthermore, the start date of the indoor swimming pools and wellness and spa centers is fixed: the day of the go-ahead will be July 1st (except for advances). Same date for public and private “face-to-face” training courses. The ski lifts, on the other hand, will be able to resume from next Saturday, but it is a measure aimed at offering guarantees for the new ski season.

Salvini had opened the day by launching a survey on Instagram asking to “safely reopen all indoor activities” and to abolish the curfew. Then, when he learned that his line had not passed, before the Council of Ministers he threatenedly brought together Ministers and Northern League undersecretaries by videoconference. Finally, to reveal “satisfaction despite the resistance of someone: there will be white areas without curfew”.

A controversial note followed, filtered by League sources: «On some fronts, from indoor swimming pools to weddings and discos, courage is needed. We will work to anticipate reopening and restarts ». Salomonica la Gelmini: «An important point of balance has been found. We continue towards the return to normality ».

The proof that the aperturist front did not prevail came from the words of Speranza: “I am satisfied, Draghi has indicated a path based on scientific evidence and graduality”. And from those of the dem secretary Enrico Letta: «Well, that’s the right line. The one that will avoid closures, will restart the economy and give strength to the tourist season ». The grillino Stefano Patuanelli instead indicated the way out for everyone: “Soon Italy will be mainly in the white zone, where there are no curfews or closures.”

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