Bekaert, the Mise calls a new meeting for the 21st. Today table in the Region, the aim is to tie Piombino and Figline []

Bekaert, the Mise calls a new meeting for the 21st. Today table in the Region, the aim is to tie Piombino and Figline []
Bekaert, the Mise calls a new meeting for the 21st. Today table in the Region, the aim is to tie Piombino and Figline []
of Glenda Venturini

We are still working on the future of workers and, on the other side, on reindustrialisation. Calosi (FIOM): “No agreement with a company that lacks respect for workers, institutions and the territory. If there is no re-industrialization, we bind Bekaert to reclaim the area “

A new meeting on the Bekaert affair was held today in the Region, by the Councilor of the President Valerio Fabiani, while news arrived of a new convocation by the Mise for May 21st. Work is still ongoing both on the issue of relocation and on the possible reindustrialisation of the site: even if the workers have already received the dismissal letters.

Valerio Fabiani, director of the president Eugenio Giani for work and corporate crises explains: “The call came according to the commitment made by Deputy Minister Alessandra Todde. The reindustrialisation of the site must take place within a framework of reconstruction of the Tuscan steel industry, which links Piombino and Figline ”.

A shared position at today’s meeting that also looks at the relocation of workers who have been dismissed in the meantime, on which the entire community of mayors of the Florentine Valdarno, Arezzo and Val di Sieve was activated, as clarified by Giulia Mugnai, the mayor of Figline and Incisa. There is the will to stay within the path with the Region, said Mugnai, working on the possible absorption of workers from other realities in the territories.

The meeting was attended, in addition to the institutional representatives of the Region and the Municipality , Flavia Capilli (Fim Cisl), Daniele Calosi and Andrea Vignozzi (Fiom Cgil), Davide Materazzi (Uilm), Alessandro Beccastrini and Fabio Franchi (Fim Cisl). In connection also the technical structures of the Region, Arts and crisis units.

The Fim Cisl will meet tomorrow morning the workers in the assembly outside the plant to take stock with them, meanwhile the Fiom Cgil commented on the current situation with the words of the secretary Daniele Calosi. “If Bekaert is willing to confirm the incentives for the relocation of workers, the signatory organizations of the redundancy agreement can proceed to modify what they signed on February 24, which we believe provides for such incentives until May 31. Of course, not having signed the original agreement, we can’t be the ones to change the terms “.

“On the other hand, we remain interested in working with the institutions both for the establishment of a pool for those who have not found an employment solution stable, both for a solution that includes the reindustrialisation of the Valdarno site, also within the Piombino industrial project. However, we would like to know the intentions of the Ministry of Economic Development with respect to that industrial plan. It must be clear that if there is no restart, regardless of Piombino, Bekaert must be bound to the reclamation of the area, it is unthinkable that the management of the redevelopment of the plant remains on the shoulders of the territory “.

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