“Sbruffoncella, outlaw, criminal? No incitement to commit a crime” – Il Tempo

“Sbruffoncella, outlaw, criminal? No incitement to commit a crime” – Il Tempo
“Sbruffoncella, outlaw, criminal? No incitement to commit a crime” – Il Tempo

Another victory in court for Matteo Salvini, this time for the complaint presented by Carola Rackete. The investigating judge of Milan Sara Cipolla accepted the request for dismissal of the Milan Public Prosecutor regarding the hypothesis of the crime of instigation to commit a crime against the leader of the League against the same commander of the rescue ship Sea-Watch 3. In particular, the ‘activist had denounced in July 2019 the then Minister of the Interior accusing him of having pronounced phrases in TV interviews and on social networks that could expose her to the danger of suffering physical attacks on the basis of the countless offended comments received on the internet.

For prosecutor Giancarla Serafini, “the multiple posts – summarizes the investigating judge in his order – of users on the net, with seriously offensive and threatening contents” addressed to Rackete “cannot be considered in any way, a direct consequence of the expressions uttered by the suspect (in the nicknames sbruffoncella, outlaw, criminal, spoiled communist, pirate, German mint), but gravely defamatory and aggressive manifestation towards the same ». A thesis accepted by the judge who “shares the legal assessments” presented by the Public Prosecutor with the request for filing “since – observes the investigating magistrate Cipolla himself – none of the sentences uttered by Senator Salvini contains, objectively and therefore concretely, a concrete invitation to the commission of crimes lacking in the words used, the induction addressed to others to act, that is to commit crimes ».

The phrases used by the secretary of the League in TV interviews and on social media as “manifestation of thought whose legitimacy is the subject” of another trial for defamation “exempts” the judge “from any evaluation here”. Salvini, defended by the lawyer Claudia Eccher, was instead indicted with the hypothesis of the crime of defamation for the same affair.

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