The mother of the president of Tuscany Eugenio Giani died

The mother of the president of Tuscany Eugenio Giani died
The mother of the president of Tuscany Eugenio Giani died
Her name was Flora and she was 87: she was the governor’s mother. “Dear Eugenio, the whole Democratic Party is close to you for the loss of your mother. This painful mourning affects you moreover in a moment so demanding for you, in which you are tirelessly managing the measures to face the epidemic. Our condolences” . So wrote Simona Bonafé, secretary of the Tuscan Democratic Party, after hearing the news of the death of Eugenio Giani’s mother.

Mrs. Flora, who was not the governor’s birth mother but the one the governor grew up with, passed away from a long illness. Many messages of condolence from various political forces and from the mayor Dario Nardella. “Livia, by all for a life called Flora, was 87 years old and suddenly left, leaving inside me, my brother Carlo, our families the unbridgeable void that I feel in these hours, thinking back to the moments spent together and how much wealth they have for me transmitted “wrote President Giani in a long post. Who then continues:” An elegant woman, always kind, with an authentic smile, who left a good impression in the others, but also a solid pivot of a family of which she knew extraordinarily to be an interpreter when she met my father, with whom she married having with him, the undersigned son orphan of a mother, at the age of eight, of which immediately and to the end she knew how to become a mother.
My father, a very important railway manager but also a cultured man and a lover of art.
My concrete mother, delightful in her ways, sunny, absolute reference for the three men of the family.
When Carlo was born, he was not only my only and inimitable brother, but the one who stimulated a new season in my life that united me more and more to my mother and concentrated the affections and feelings that have sustained me throughout my life. I will miss your advice, – writes Giani – the warmth of your words, dear mother, the pride with which you have always talked about me, the unconditional availability at all times, the attention to the family that I have formed with marriage. In these hours of emptiness I feel the confirmation of how important you were even if for some time your health conditions did not allow us the usual closeness. The moments together, among us, with father, with Carlo, with all our friends and relatives, who now pass and rotate with incredible speed in my mind, through the memory, will however be extraordinary strength and energy to remember you mom and face the life”.

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